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Aug 29, 2015

The Mysterious Monkey Man.

Hi there! How's the day? I hope you all enjoy your long weekends! Since I'm in Terengganu so Sunday is still working day! Haha Sunday blues here T-T So, I promised to story about the mysterious guy I'm engaged to in the previous post. 


The magic began to start last year in 2014 when I decided to return to Egypt earlier than everyone. For some reason (related to my past relationship with a guy before) I decided to go back to Egypt two weeks after Raya. That time, everyone (including me) feels it is weird to go back early as I didn't have reseat exams and convocation is still way too far on November. I don't know. I just followed my instincts. 

So after I arrived in Egypt end of August, I had nothing to do. Then I get close to the new warden of Malaysia Hall, mr. Zalaz and made some close connection with his family. I drove his family to Mansoura and Alexandria for sight seeing. And also around Cairo town.

Never thought that my instincts brought me to meet this old man.

In October 2014, I was in charge for a program Kursus Keusahawanan organised by Education Malaysia in Cairo and Alexandria (2 series). There are four guests, 3 of them were lecturers from UKM, and one from UPSI were invited to conduct the course . I was in charge as the committee for EME and at the same time I joined the course. In the last day of the course, mr. Zalaz asked me to bring the guests to sightseeing around Cairo. So I brought them sightseeing with one of my mate Syazwan. We get closer with the four lecturers as they were also easy to get along with. Before they went back to Malaysia, one of them, Tn Hj Jumaat asked for my phone number and asked me to not lose contact with them even when they were back to the hometown. 

That is not the end of the story. 

After a week they gone back to Malaysia, this old man Tn Hj Jumaat contacted me thru whatsapp. He asked a favor for me to meet his son and become his daughter in law!!! I was freaking surprised, shocked, and all. Like seriously, someone's father asked you to marry his son which you never knew. That's really RARE I tell you. But then, I agreed to get to know his son first and never promised anything to this old man. It was a humble favor so I can't turn down an old man's wish 100% right?

So, near the end of October, he (the old man's son) started to contact me through whatsapp. It was quite normal, I want to get to know him and vice versa. He's 29 years old, the first son of the family, and had a sister which is 2 years older than me. A family related man. A network engineer. Honestly I never understand his scope of job until now. Haha. He's quite normal except that he's way more mature than anyone else I ever met. 

The first time.

Mid of December, I fly back for good leaving Egypt in sweet memories. Arrived in KLIA, he picked me up as his dad had asked me to meet his mom at home. Waaa that was absolutely a new thing for me. I never had any chance to meet my exes' parents before. Plus, meeting a man you're going to be hooked up with at the first time. Haha. Haha. Haha. Too awkward! But, I acted cool all the way. I started the conversation first in the car, and finally we were like an old long lost friends, we get along too well! I met his mom and right at that time, I fell in love with the family. I felt that I already belonged to the family. They cared for each other, and me. I never felt the sense of belonging like this before, except with my mom. 

The question.

End of January, his mom started the serious conversation with me. She asked if I agree to be with him. I just said 'Yes'. I won't ask too much. If the parents are alright and the man is strong to take care of me, I won't ask for more. This is more than enough for me. I feel blessed to know this family and him. :)

15 February 2015, his parents came to Terengganu to meet my mom to ask for my hand in marriage. Things are going smoothly. My mom agreed to my choice. It was the best choice I ever made, she said. I feel Blessed. I'm grateful to God for this chance I have. 

So last month after Eid, 25 July 2015, I'm finally engaged to the monkey* man, Mohd Ridhwan. Alhamdulillah. We'll be engaged for 1 year, expecting that our wedding will be on August 2016, InshaAllah. I'm happily looking forward to my new journey with him. Pray that this relationship will lasts forever. :)

Till then, ja ne!

*He has long hands, so I called him monkey. :p

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