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"On the Day when their tongues and their hands and their legs shall bear witness against them as to what they were doing." [24: 24]

Aug 20, 2014

Nothing Box and Hurricanes.


I've read somewhere in social media about how men and women differs in the way they thinks. It says that in men's brain, they put everything in different boxes. They have the box for their parents, study, friends, lover, money..etc. So when talking with men about one box, you should not touch another box until it settled first. 

Unfortunately, men have this particular favourite box which women really hate. It's the 'Nothing' box. Do you ever experience of having to watch your man just laying on the couch for several hours, doing nothing, and when you're nagging them, they just listening without saying anything. Literally, they do nothing, think about nothing. And women really hate when they start to sit in this 'Nothing' box. 

When it comes to women, their brain are like wires which connects everything together. There are always a connection to everything. That is why women will touch every boxes in men's head because they will think that there are connections in everything. It sounds too real, right?

But I think, I do have the 'Nothing' box in between the wires in my head. It is because this is how I am now. In these past few days, I've been laying in bed for hours doing nothing. Losing appetite, watching the ceiling continuously, that is how I am. Just listening to my own heartbeat. But in my head, there are hurricanes and storms happening. All wires are stuck, blocking all my senses. 

I don't know what is really happening to me. 

Ja ne.

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But now I found you different 
You broke up all the walls in my head
Please don't go
Let me go


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