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"On the Day when their tongues and their hands and their legs shall bear witness against them as to what they were doing." [24: 24]

Jul 2, 2014

Deep Heart.


What a long hiatus. About one year after my last post. Seems like I already dead from the blogging world. No. I'm still missing to write here. It's just that the timing didn't coincide with my mood. Only few people understand what I mean, haha!

I already finished the final exams of the final year. It was a tough year for me. Time is running like a horse this season. With tough syllabus and practical skills. And while I have to keep my brain intact without stress. It's hard to control myself with my special ability. It's like you want to do more with your strength and there's just something that chained you down. So I decided to not work too much stress in me, and play low and safe. 

So last night I went to Iftaar at Zara's place with Madihah, Tyra, Sumayyah, Suraya, Zati. It's a special day that I got the chance to meet Zara's mom, which I've met before when me and Zara were housemates. And I met old friend Munira which i haven't seen her for quite awhile. And we started sharing stories about ourselves. 

And then it started when I open the story of myself. I told them how I describe people in my own way. I don't know that the way I describe people is very different from others did. I describe people based on a story captured inside my memory. Like for an example, if someone asking me to describe my friendship with Zara, I will say, she is someone that held my hand and walked together when we were going back from school in the middle of the spring like, 3 years ago. Then Munira said I'm deep. And she was like superficial that she describes Zara in one word : Cool. 

I'm like, I don't know how to describe someone with one word. Because I have this personality of having my feelings attached to everything that I care. Even if its an iron. Yesterday I when I was geting ready to go out, I found out that the iron was broke. And I'm feeling sad about it. I don't know if it is normal or I'm just quite different from people. But I know one thing about myself. I have a big heart. Yes. Thank you. 

And we talked about how I open my heart a chance to accept a person which I never liked before, and they say, "You're too kind to give people chance!" But, I don't know, I just think that everyone deserves a chance to be dear to me. I believe in "What you give, you'll get it back" in everything I do. I give people a chance so that one day I'll get it too when I need it. Eventhough at a very first impression I was not moved at all to the person, but then I try to give a chance to hear, see and feel more about them, and I will get the real idea about them. I don't judge, I feel them. I will always try to see the good in everyone. Because I want to be treated the same way or maybe better. And I don't want to regret later if I missed someone that as great as I'll never came across again in my lifetime. 

So they described me in one word : Deep. Yeah, I know I'm deep and I will always be like this forever. And I love myself for being like this. It is like a treatment for my heart so that I'll never think negative of things. 

How I describe myself in one word : A Crybaby. I always am. :)


Kimmy Ai is listening to : Let Her Go - Passenger

"You only need the lights when its burning low,
You only miss the sun when it starts to snow,
You only know you've been high when you're feeling low,
You only hit the road when you're missing home,
You only know you love her when you let her go."

Salam Ramadhan. Ja ne. 

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