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"On the Day when their tongues and their hands and their legs shall bear witness against them as to what they were doing." [24: 24]

Jun 26, 2012

F**k Technologies!


About the free laptop for primary school students, I kindly disagree because I saw these two devils always play games and not study at all. Seriously, during my time, I didn't know what is Zuma Deluxe, Plants vs Zombies, etc, etc.

What I'd played when I was a kid, catching lizards and burn them with fire crackers, play masak-masak with real fire, stones, leaves and my mom's periuk lama, catching a kind of insect that we called 'kunyit' (I don't know their scientific name) and tied their tiny leg with benang and let it fly like flying a kite, and also I do played kites and 'wau' with my brother, play 'bola katok' (like baseball), building forts out of big cushions and 'selimut',  'buah getah', 'bola tin', 'baling selipar', hide and seek, jump into the river near my house, fishing, and also playing with leeches, snails and many tiny creatures. What I want to say is, we're out of technologies. And we study in school without technologies, but we scored with flying colors.

Because we never waste our times with technologies.

Didn't they see kids nowadays wasted their times with Facebook and games, and rarely we see that they use internet for searching information and knowledge, except during making assignments. Well, there might be more useful reasons to use technologies in school and home (for kids), but I always see disadvantages. So, I still disagree.

Hmm, am I wrong or I didn't see it in the same light of yours? =3

Jun 24, 2012

In my hometown~


Sekarang aku sedang berada di katil empuk ditemani bantal busuk dan sebijik laptop. Dan juga sekotak besar koleksi komik-komik jepun dan gempakstarz yang aku kumpul sejak dari sekolah menengah. Dan tak lupa lagi, cuaca yang panas tapi diselangi hujan di petang hari. Oh, heaven!

Berbeza dengan tempat aku menimba ilmu, dengan cuaca yang bersuhu 40 darjah dan kesesakan lalulintas yang tak pernah reda dan perangai manusia yang kurang sabar. Jauh sekali perbezaannya daripada di sini.

Cuti akhir semester dijangka lebih kurang 3 bulan (actually tak sampai pun) ini aku ingin habiskan dengan waktu-waktu berkualiti sama ada di rumah ataupun di luar. Ingin aku habiskan masa bersama keluarga dan juga sahabat-sahabat lama yang masih berhubung denganku, tak lupa juga untuk orang-orang yang tersayang. InsyaAllah.

But, I'm still working to figure out what's the first thing to do right now. Yeah I'm already arrived for about two days already and still not figured it out. *sigh* I planned to take things slowly, like meeting with friends a little bit later because I still haven't had enough in home. But, somethings came up. Suddenly my mother insisting on having me take a part time job as a primary school teacher, or such. I'm not actually against it because I do want to have an experience of being a TEACHER litrerally.

This idea actually came out last night when my mother and I were looking for my niece and nephew's homework. My mother seems like having fun seeing me in trouble being with the two tiny devils helping them to finish their homework. And there's some things that made me freaked out ;

"What actually you two learned in school?"
"Why these a-piece-of-cake mathematical problem (DIVISION) and Arabic language homework seems a big trouble to you?"
"And why the heck that government nowadays gave a free laptop to all primary school students just for me to see that they play games unstoppable?"

Okay, these questions will be forwarded in the next post I fear, because I don't like mixing a few things in a post. So, I'm still thinking about taking a job as a teacher, or just playing around without any time-fixed things. Huh. Hard to decide. =.="

Ja ne!
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