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"On the Day when their tongues and their hands and their legs shall bear witness against them as to what they were doing." [24: 24]

Mar 13, 2012

A Complete Loser Like Me.

Hey, wake up. 
Get a grip on yourself.
You know you have nobody on your side. 
A complete loner.

Don't utter even a word about revenge when you can't even get a grip on yourself. 
You're too depending on your heart.
Later it will turn your life into disaster. 

You can go on, assuming that you've woke up, turning 180 degrees from your will.
But that's not enough. 
You didn't froze your heart.
Because you really don't know that you're standing near a cliff.
Anytime you can fall off the cliff.
They love it when you cry.
They happy seeing you down.
Behind their sweet smile lies beneath their hatred towards you.
Yes, they're jealous.

Huh, you already know right?
But why you let yourself still?
Why don't you defend yourself?
It is your fault.
Because you didn't froze your heart.
You keeps giving all your useless heart towards them.
To put in a simple word, you care others hearts more than your own. 
A stupid person will always do that.
You're the stupid one.

Really, nobody's on your side now.
Because you keeps lying behind them. 
Why did you lie? 
Why turn yourself a bad person when you're not?

Ah, actually you're already tired of acting tough lately, no?
You're tired of being seen as an independent woman where you can do anything you want without any help.
Seeing a tough person down, haha, that's the most amusement thing to look forward to.
You know that too, right?

You should take care of yourself more.
Burn all those black memories.
You should learn to ignore those whom ignored you.
You should stop giving too much when what you get was only disappointment.
You should start to love yourself more. 
Learn to say no, when they ask what you can't.
Learn to say stop, when they continue making the fool out of you.
Learn to smile a lot, when they're getting on your nerve.

Then wake up and fight.
You have nothing to lose. You have nobody to lose.
You are actually have nothing.
You're just always lucky, the luck charm always with you. 
Your mother's prayer, that is.

You should know that you will lose everything sooner or later.
So don't have any regret to fight.
You are too good to be called a loser.
You know you're the chosen one to feel all these tests.
You're very special.
Don't let someone unworthy take you down easily.
You know you're strong. 
If not, you wouldn't dare to spit on yourself right now. 
You should put more effort.
You should turn 360 degrees around.
Have a look at their hateful faces.
Remember to always keep your smile on.
Let them know who they're picking on.

Don't let them call you LOSER anymore.
You know you're not.

Mar 3, 2012



Sudah sebulan lebih aku tak menulis.  Recently, aku berada di tahap motivasi yang sangat rendah. Susah betul untuk aku ke kelas awal pagi. Biasanya aku hanya akan sampai ke kelas untuk waktu subjek kedua dan keatas. Sukar untuk orang nampak muka aku di kelas pertama. Bukannya aku tak bangun awal, biasanya sebaik saja masuk waktu subuh aku dah celik mata, tetapi untuk melangkah keluar dari ARMA tersayang ni... Phew~ Sabar, aku sedang maintenance diri sendiri. Asalkan takde orang buat motivation aku down lagi, it's ok.

Ape aku buat masa winter break yang lepas? Aku melancong ke France selama 5 hari bersama lagi 3 sahabat sekuliah aku. Heh, biasanya sebelum aku pergi mesti wajib aku bising kat sini kan? But aku tak sempat pun nak menulis sebelum berangkat. Dengan keadaan baru lepas exam dan enjoy-enjoy sekejap di Cairo kemudian terus fly ke France. Pulang je dari France terus kena angkut ke Hurghada. Fuh.

Before aku ke France, actually banyak perkara yang dah berlaku. Banyak kawan yang baru aku jumpa. Banyak pengalaman baru yang belum pernah aku alami pun berlaku.

I guess, it was the time that I should learn how to accept one's weakness and learn how to overcome those with the strength within me.

Or, maybe I should learn to not pay attention to simple matters that supposedly not affect me at all. Ignorant.

p/s : Does anybody knows what COUGAR means?

Ja ne.
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