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"On the Day when their tongues and their hands and their legs shall bear witness against them as to what they were doing." [24: 24]

May 2, 2010

Hais~ 2


Aku confuse. Eh tak. Aku marah. Pun tak jugak. I'm miserable. Kot. Hmm.

I don't know what happened to me but, i can read people's mind by their body languages, impressions and words. And i really hate the fact that someone's impression is "i don't like you so don't bother me". Argh! Can you stop talking inside yourself and talk out loud on my face?! I can accept anything when you talk to me out loud but i really can't stand when you keep it to yourself.

Hey dude, be wise okay? If a person did a thing that you don't like, just let them know. Don't keep on hating a person just because of their actions that you hate. It's not fair for them, for being hated because of the action that they didn't know you don't like it. Understand? Oh, of course you don't understand because you're baka*.

I know it is not easy to say such words like "i hate your actions just now" or "i don't like you keep clinging on me" or "i don't even like you" to a person. Yes you've that kind-hearted. But, it is annoying for me to know that you keep on hating a person inside yourself and you still treat that person "very nicely".

Haha. You've been fooled. I know it all. I just have to wait and see what will you do after this. I'm interested to know. Well, it's like a mind game for me. Heh.

Ok. Let's stop this now.

*take a deep breath*

So yeah, please tell me honestly if you don't like me. It's ok for me, i'll accept it. Don't make that face to me. It hurts me so much. I'm not really mad, but i'm feeling not ok for that. I keep on hurting myself, for saying "it's ok, it's ok" to make myself being strong. It's all for the sake of the damned final exam. I'm easy to be hurt these past few weeks. And i wonder why. Maybe i'm feeling very lonely. Ahh... the only place that i can accept that i'm lonely, is home. Only there.

Ok my heart's crying now. (Oh i don't cry in front of people. I'm ego.)

Wah, lega gila boleh tulis ni. Haha, for sure aku x boleh cakap sume ni melainkan bila aku naik darah. heh.

p/s : i really hope that the entry before is the very last for the practical exam. but i really can't stand it anymore. yes, i'm not fair too, for writing this rather that telling you directly, no? gomenasai. this blog is the only medium that i can express my truly feelings. this is the only place that my true self showed. i'm not a very cheerful in the outside world. but only here i've been very happy and cheerful. i'm not a very emo girl in the outside world. but i only say that i'm sad here. Hontouni gomenasai.

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sensei14 said...

dahsyat..bace sy pulek.hehe

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