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"On the Day when their tongues and their hands and their legs shall bear witness against them as to what they were doing." [24: 24]

Apr 13, 2010

Love Letter to a Bestfriend~

Hayyu Sabie' (7th District),
Madinat Nasr, Qahirah,


Dear my lovely friend, how are you? I hope you all fine there. I'm also in a pink of health. So how are you doing there? I miss you very much!

Hey, do you still remember when we first met? It's quite a normal way of how we met but i had never forgotten that day. And i'm really happy when you said that you love my smile. That makes me wants to smile every time.

I always wanted to know how your life there, far from me. Do you forget to eat? Do you get enough sleep? How do you do with your study? Do you still miss me like i did even until now?

I'm kind of feeling alone here even though i have so many friends here. It looks like i want to share everything in my mind to nobody else but only you. But i don't have too much words to say because i'm not good at telling stories at all. You already know me, right? But i just want you, i only just want to talk to you even though i had nothing to say. As long as i know and i believe you were there listening to my breath, i'll feel relieved.

Time passes by and so many things happen between us. So many problems that we've already gone through. Even though we're separated far across the seas and lands, our mission are always one : to get to Allah for sure.

I always try to be hard and act cool. But, when i realized that i didn't have you by my side, i feel really weak and miserable. Even the sun here shines brightly, but i still didn't see anything in the day. Only you can bright my life. Only you that can give me warmth and strength for me to move on. I really cannot find another person that was same like you. You're always my irreplaceable sun.

Time always get jealous to me. It makes me feel so hard to say goodbye to you, in this long love letter made only for you. It is time for me to stop writing, for now. I hope you can reply me. I'll really wait for your reply even though it is late. Don't make my heart break, again.

I miss you, and love you.

Dearest friend ;

Kimmy Ai


onigiri-chan said...

dear friend,

you know i know we love each other. me and you are friends since (how long have we been friends?) ahaks. but forget about the sadness, this letter you wrote has appealed out feelings you hidden. somehow, i cant reach still till here.

oh, time always get jealous with everyone. never say goodbye. do you want me to sing, GOODBYE? lately, i have vocal up my voice,
they called me 'magarrita the opera house' okay, i should also stop writing nonsense.

p/s: is your cat doing well? i heard from the other housemates, he's getting nuisance. did you feed him well?

TAKE CARE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

heijihatsutori said...

dear friend (a.k.a Kimmy the awesome),

I'll make this short and sweet, considering the fact that I should be studying (which apparently am not at the moment) and this is not my laptop I'm using as mine is hospitalized (a.k.a off to repair at the moment) to my chagrin.

I read the letter and it broke my heart as I missed you too a tad too much too. I don't know if you have any specific person in mind when you wrote it considering all the emo posts before this letter come to light. I just hope that whoever it is the letter is intended read it (hopefully) and reply it and hope that it'll make you feel better.

As for me, I love you and you know that too and don't ever dare doubt it or I'll make sure I give you a good ounce of lecture once the exams is over (hopefully) and not screwed enough to do so.

Pardon the monotone I'm kind of hungry at the moment, the darn cold air-conditioner in the library doesn't help that much either. And now I'm typing nonsense I should stop bfeore this gets a tad too long.

take care and again, I Love You. Don't bother if other people hate you or don't talk to you and whatnot, just know I got your back and screw them all. hahaha~!

I'll stop here. Till then, take care!

Heiji Hatsutori (a.k.a your awesome blur writer...hahaha~!)

Kimmy said...


waa.. tq so much for replying my sad love letter.. T_T

hmm, seems like wiwi dont have enough love from us so that's why he's being nuisance.. so we've got to put more efforts on giving him LOVE so that he'll not rebel anymore.. ^^

Kimmy said...


T_T.. huwaaa!!! yeah i really hope that you'll reply this letter..

this letter actually opens as anybody who thinks that he/she is my dearest friend can reply to me back...

i put very much efforts to wrote that letter... haha.. and i also hope that farizz would read this too, and i think he did.. =)

oh,this letter didn't relates to those three posts before..

i just happen to miss my dearest friends (including you) so that's why i wrote this..

weee~ miss u!

haha,,thanks..but, before you screwed them, i think that i've already done that know me.. ahaha!

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