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"On the Day when their tongues and their hands and their legs shall bear witness against them as to what they were doing." [24: 24]

Mar 20, 2010

Welcome Party

Assalamualaikum! Last Wednesday we've organized a welcoming party as a significance of the first Malaysian batch in the Faculty of Dentistry of Al-Azhar University. Yeah, we're the first dentistry batch in Al-Azhar.

juadah simple dari kami
ehem! yg kuning banyak tu i yg buat.. betul! ahaha..xtido malam buat bnde tu.. namenye kastard koktail... dah pro dah.. hehe

our lecturers : dr maha ghazy, dr tgh lupe name, dr mona el tonsy, dr zakia

our music background and mc : Fitriah and Shira

kanak2 gigi yg riang

yay! sempat brgambar dgn dr mona kesukaanku! hehe

Ja ne!
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