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"On the Day when their tongues and their hands and their legs shall bear witness against them as to what they were doing." [24: 24]

Mar 7, 2010

Shot (TERBAEK!!!) sepanjang musim exam...

Assalamualaikum... *take a deep breath*

Fuh~ It's already done! The first semester final exam is already over. I'm really glad that i've passed all of these hard days ALIVE! Muahahaha~ so for all the days left in this week will be the last holiday for us and second semester will going to start. And i've already put up with some plans for refreshments. Wee~

This is some of the best shots that i've taken during these 3 (hardest) weeks...

wiwi sure knows to torture me when i'm studying

at rumah Kelantan. hari tu ade bazaar.

yuuki and my biskut 'raya'.. hehe.. video die makan ni ade kt bawah..

ini kes budak sengal yg kutuk laptop pinjam.. nah,,aku buat background picture kat laptop aku.. haha!

ni ha satu lagi posing sengal die... busuk arr notes aku boleh kat die sekor..

ini,,anakku! hehe..xde la.. we have our dinner at KLCC (Kuala Lumpur Cairo Cafe) then tserempak ngan adik comel ni.. pinjam la kjap dari parents die.. hehe.. namenye Syarif.

ish3.. ni dh melampau siap naik atas lihaf aku neh.. sengal2~

eh? habis nescafe aku die minum? siap leh posing maut dlm mug chantek aku.. hais~

sesi lepas geram balik dari exam Physics.. melantak McD..

wajah riang gembira baru lepas merdeka.. haha!

suasana dalam kuliah sejurus tamatnye paper terakhir..

That's all for the shot session. Next week the second semester lesson will be start. And i'm fully ready to go for it! Gambatte kudasai, kimmy-chan! But, the bad news is, the summer holiday will start from July until the end of August only. And i'll celebrate Eid Fitri here in Egypt. Hais~ i'm so miserable to hear that. Seems like i don't want to go back to Malaysia at all for this year. But still thinking about this. Huhuhuhu.. =,="

Whatever it is, i'm always trying my best. I am.


video of yuuki eating my biskut 'raya'

Ja ne!


leiya_chan said...

yuuki is so kawaiiiiiii~~
yuuki stands for snow rite???
well, if ur yuuki rolls lyk a ball
surely i'm gonna laugh~

Kimmy said...

Yes. yuuki means snow. and her long name was Yuki Yuuki. Snow Princess.. haha!

oh no, she doesn't roll.. but she loves to climb and jump from heights.

hais~ penin melayan..

onigiri-chan said...

yuuki buat aksi comel.

mcam abang dia wiwi...

Kimmy said...

hehe..sejak bila si wiwi ngan yuuki jd adik-beradik yg sah di sisi syara'??

heijihatsutori said...

Awwww~ so kawaii~ LOL.

You don't plan on coming back?? Oh~ but then it's just one month and I got class at that time so...*sigh~

Omedetou for the end of exam~! Still got two more this Thursday...for my horror~! T_T

Kimmy said...


haha..tq.. oh no,i'll be back to malaysia for only two months.

really, i want to celebrate eid at malaysia... huwaaa!

heijihatsutori said...

Well...*pats shoulder*

Huwaa~~~~~*cries along*

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