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Mar 27, 2010

Maher Zain's Concert

Assalamualaikum! Several days ago (Thursday 25/3/2010) i went to a concert Maher Zain and Hamza Namira organized by Help Club at American University College Cairo.

Who are they? Hamza Namira is the famous Egyptian artist, light rock and middle east genre singer, a talented man. He put on the current social and common issues through his songs. Even in the concert he sang a beautiful song about Palestine. Eventhough i didn't understand the meaning of his songs (because he sing arabic song), but his music makes me feel good and energetic.

Hamza Namira

As for the second singer, my favourite man, Maher Zain, a Swedish singer. He brought the messages of Islam into his songs. I really caught by the song "Open Your Eyes" but my most favourite song is "Hold My Hand". Unfortunately, he didn't sang that song in the concert.. T_T But it's ok.

Maher Zain in the concert

His performance that night was very meaningful to Malaysians because he praises Malaysian students in Egypt. He also took 4 of Malaysian students from Tanta (ustaz Syariah year 2) as his back up singer. And, so many Malaysian students attended to the concert. We all very proud that our Malaysia had been put into the concert as a positive symbol to all Egyptians. I was proud when he said "I heard that so many Malaysians in this hall right now", and we all Malaysian raised our hands proudly! I am sure that my brothers and sisters in Malaysia also loves Maher Zain's music, right? I hope he will come to perform in Malaysia one day, InsyaAllah. I will sure come to his next concert, even in Cairo or Malaysia. Congratulations to Maher Zain.

outside the concert hall..

Oh, i forgot to say that the American University was very beautiful with modern concept buildings and environments. I love it!

Me and Nida attended the concert. And there also Tuan Hanif and Azfar but no pic of them.

P/S : Sorry mak sbab xleh nk skype mlm tu...

P/S/S : Check out Maher Zain's profile in Facebook. Just search on his name.

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