Today's verse~

"On the Day when their tongues and their hands and their legs shall bear witness against them as to what they were doing." [24: 24]

Mar 30, 2010

Dahi Berkerut!

Assalamualaikum! Iye, dahi aku berkerut. Something is flying inside my mind. Like 2-3 birds flying and chirping out of my head. Imagine it. Hehe.

The first thing, i don't know whether to go back to Malaysia this year or not. All my friends already booked flight tickets for this summer. But i still didn't find any resolve on this. It's 50-50. 50% of myself doesn't want to go back without any reason. The other 50% is because oka-sama wants me to go back. Maybe she misses me of a whole world. Yada! Ok, i will find the answer from myself as faster as possible.

Yesterday was Al-Quran test. Hais~ I've no comment. =.=''

My new hamster, Kaname, was being sick within this week. I don't know what happened to him. I think Yuuki bite him. He was wounded. I brought him to veterinar last night then the doctor said he was in severe injury. I've got to buy antibiotic for him. Huh~poor Kaname.

I've got to go. Practical physics class awaits.

Mar 29, 2010

Mana Kemanusiaan Kamu Wahai Manusia?


I got this from Facebook. And i know so many of us have watched this. But, how many of us really concern and try to avoid this?

Allah already told us "Don't even approach Zina". But what happen to us now?

Maka nyawa2 yg suci itu akan menjadi saksi di hadapan Allah atas apa yg telah kamu perbuat!

"Berlumba-lumbalah kamu untuk mendapatkan ampunan dari Tuhanmu dan syurga yg luasnya seluas langit dan bumi, yang disediakan bagi orang-orang yg beriman kepada Allah dan rasul-rasulNya..." <57:21>

Semoga Allah mengampunkan dosa-dosa kita semua... Amin~

Mar 27, 2010

Maher Zain's Concert

Assalamualaikum! Several days ago (Thursday 25/3/2010) i went to a concert Maher Zain and Hamza Namira organized by Help Club at American University College Cairo.

Who are they? Hamza Namira is the famous Egyptian artist, light rock and middle east genre singer, a talented man. He put on the current social and common issues through his songs. Even in the concert he sang a beautiful song about Palestine. Eventhough i didn't understand the meaning of his songs (because he sing arabic song), but his music makes me feel good and energetic.

Hamza Namira

As for the second singer, my favourite man, Maher Zain, a Swedish singer. He brought the messages of Islam into his songs. I really caught by the song "Open Your Eyes" but my most favourite song is "Hold My Hand". Unfortunately, he didn't sang that song in the concert.. T_T But it's ok.

Maher Zain in the concert

His performance that night was very meaningful to Malaysians because he praises Malaysian students in Egypt. He also took 4 of Malaysian students from Tanta (ustaz Syariah year 2) as his back up singer. And, so many Malaysian students attended to the concert. We all very proud that our Malaysia had been put into the concert as a positive symbol to all Egyptians. I was proud when he said "I heard that so many Malaysians in this hall right now", and we all Malaysian raised our hands proudly! I am sure that my brothers and sisters in Malaysia also loves Maher Zain's music, right? I hope he will come to perform in Malaysia one day, InsyaAllah. I will sure come to his next concert, even in Cairo or Malaysia. Congratulations to Maher Zain.

outside the concert hall..

Oh, i forgot to say that the American University was very beautiful with modern concept buildings and environments. I love it!

Me and Nida attended the concert. And there also Tuan Hanif and Azfar but no pic of them.

P/S : Sorry mak sbab xleh nk skype mlm tu...

P/S/S : Check out Maher Zain's profile in Facebook. Just search on his name.

Mar 26, 2010

Lagi Bowling... Bowling lagi!

Off to Bowl.. haha.. this time with my housemates and 4 heroes... Zass!



Izzati (a friend from Mansoura)

Natasya and Sumaiyah


it's my favourite.. bowling.. can't help it..
i really love bowling!!!

Mar 23, 2010


Assalamualaikum! Hais~ Boring punye pasal.. and nak cucuk duit.. aku tpakse ajak hero2 (Encik T and Encik Seed) nie temankan pegi cucuk duit kat Genena. Then, kene angkut makan McD. And, as the time still long, angkut men bowling 1 round.. serta pingpong 1/2 jam.. and, balik.

huh~ ponat den main neh

Ahhaha.. naseb xbaik..

Encik T (bju purple) wat muke sbab kalah bet ngan Encik Seed..
Encik Seed, ko jgn lupe tebus 100 genih ngan Encik T tau?
Aku nk 20% sebab jadi saksi. Haha!

Simple, kan?

maybe next post tentang makanan kot.. depends kpd keadaan malam ni.. weee~

Mar 20, 2010

Welcome Party

Assalamualaikum! Last Wednesday we've organized a welcoming party as a significance of the first Malaysian batch in the Faculty of Dentistry of Al-Azhar University. Yeah, we're the first dentistry batch in Al-Azhar.

juadah simple dari kami
ehem! yg kuning banyak tu i yg buat.. betul! ahaha..xtido malam buat bnde tu.. namenye kastard koktail... dah pro dah.. hehe

our lecturers : dr maha ghazy, dr tgh lupe name, dr mona el tonsy, dr zakia

our music background and mc : Fitriah and Shira

kanak2 gigi yg riang

yay! sempat brgambar dgn dr mona kesukaanku! hehe

Ja ne!

Mar 19, 2010

Off to Tanta!

Assalamualaikum! Ahh~ sorry for my late update. I'm kind of pretty busy for this new semester. To make it short, last thursday i went to Tanta with my friend Hani for a visit. Hani wanted to meet her brother while i wanted to meet my brother also. Haha! No,no. My friend..kind of like brother but he's the same age as me. Oh, not only i want to meet him but also Arni and Syaza.

Syaza n me

I stayed at Syaza's house. Consequently, there was an expo like a program organized by PCT and PMRAM and held at Imarah MedicMesir Tanta. Bazaar also present.

Zul brought me to Awal Bahr. And there was a lot of shops selling jubah, shawls, clothes, shoes, etc. I bought 3 shawls there. Believe me they were really beautiful! And he also treat me for lunch. Ahhahaha..thanks Zul! ^^

Nasi and ayam bakar rubu'..Nyum2

For the night, Arni brought us (Me, Syaza, Ain, Zul and his friend) to taste the Krib. It was great and i also bought cakes near that restaurant. Zul treat us ice-cream. Thanks again! Muahaha~

me and Arni

That's the delicious krib.

1 day and a half there was really made my day and mood. But, when i went back to Cairo, some other things happened and had my mood changed again. Hais~

Badawi Mosque in Awal Bahr

p/s : Al-Fatihah for Allahyarham Ahmad Sarhan first year medical student Medicmesir Tanta. He died in an accident, fell from apartment in Alexandria, the day i arrived in Tanta.

Mar 7, 2010

Shot (TERBAEK!!!) sepanjang musim exam...

Assalamualaikum... *take a deep breath*

Fuh~ It's already done! The first semester final exam is already over. I'm really glad that i've passed all of these hard days ALIVE! Muahahaha~ so for all the days left in this week will be the last holiday for us and second semester will going to start. And i've already put up with some plans for refreshments. Wee~

This is some of the best shots that i've taken during these 3 (hardest) weeks...

wiwi sure knows to torture me when i'm studying

at rumah Kelantan. hari tu ade bazaar.

yuuki and my biskut 'raya'.. hehe.. video die makan ni ade kt bawah..

ini kes budak sengal yg kutuk laptop pinjam.. nah,,aku buat background picture kat laptop aku.. haha!

ni ha satu lagi posing sengal die... busuk arr notes aku boleh kat die sekor..

ini,,anakku! hehe..xde la.. we have our dinner at KLCC (Kuala Lumpur Cairo Cafe) then tserempak ngan adik comel ni.. pinjam la kjap dari parents die.. hehe.. namenye Syarif.

ish3.. ni dh melampau siap naik atas lihaf aku neh.. sengal2~

eh? habis nescafe aku die minum? siap leh posing maut dlm mug chantek aku.. hais~

sesi lepas geram balik dari exam Physics.. melantak McD..

wajah riang gembira baru lepas merdeka.. haha!

suasana dalam kuliah sejurus tamatnye paper terakhir..

That's all for the shot session. Next week the second semester lesson will be start. And i'm fully ready to go for it! Gambatte kudasai, kimmy-chan! But, the bad news is, the summer holiday will start from July until the end of August only. And i'll celebrate Eid Fitri here in Egypt. Hais~ i'm so miserable to hear that. Seems like i don't want to go back to Malaysia at all for this year. But still thinking about this. Huhuhuhu.. =,="

Whatever it is, i'm always trying my best. I am.


video of yuuki eating my biskut 'raya'

Ja ne!

Mar 2, 2010



Everyone has their own stories

everyone has their own memories

everyone has their own personality

no matter how you express yourself

as long as you be yourself

don't matter what color you wrote

that's what your heart wants

don't matter who read your writings

that's what you want to wrote

don't matter if no one wants to read your story

because they have their own interest

don't matter what people say about you

they are different from you

they were not you

you are not them

don't be sad

be strong

accept how life goes on

have faith in God

you have your own uniqueness and specialties

that makes you different from other people

this is only a medium for you to express yourself

like a canvas

you write and draw

whatever your heart wants to say

don't follow people's heart

but follow your very own heart

be proud of yourself

but don't be arrogant

be yourself.

.be happy.

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