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"On the Day when their tongues and their hands and their legs shall bear witness against them as to what they were doing." [24: 24]

Feb 23, 2010


"Pain obey the law of gas
no matter how much is the pain (gas)
it will always completely fill the empty space (container/your feeling)
so any problem
is painful"

"But you gotta learn how to manage it
because love is something that you are willing to do without asking for something back in return
every small problem is a way to be smarter"

"When the pain comes,
you will understand it and you will naturally act negatively towards it
imprinting a lot of bad things in your mind
instead of improving the situation
people tend to remove it completely
cause it's easier"

"There is no such law saying that in love during study make you worse...
because to get the best out of two requires knowledge and strength
that many people are lazy to acquire
thus to safe their own failure
they say its a failure for anybody going to attempt it
this are the times where your spiritual strength can be seen
this is the time to seek your weakness
and kill them"

"When we love somebody
only through our heart and desire
they live
we make a place for them in our heart"
we feel despair and afraid
because we think
we could never have another person
because we failed
we only fail if we give up"

"Replacing an old believe requires effort and a lot of self exploring
but you will no doubt,
be a better person"

"Forgetting a person
is like waiting on a bus
you can wait in two ways,
full of anxiety and impatient
or you can enjoy yourself while waiting
the bus
it will come when it comes
your anxiety, sadness
wont make it faster
because it will come when it will
so choose
try slowly
and enjoy your everyday life
make yourself happy
occupy yourself
you wont even realise it passing by you"

"You want to be better
you've gotta face a lot of problems
your spirit is your strength
your ai
will determine that
the love you have is the path
you will understand this
by wisdom
as you get older"

It's hard to forget people,,
But it's harder to remove them completely from our heart..
Dreaming is better than forgetting.

Thanks Mr. Azad, for your advice.


onigiri-chan said...

aku mencintai kamu. boleh?

Kimmy said...


hehe ^^

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