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Feb 12, 2010

My Another Little Kawaii Housemates!

Without hesitation, let me introduce you with our pets,

This is Mirmo. He is not alone actually. Before this, he was with MingMing, but MingMing died due to sickness 2 weeks ago. So, i bought another partner for him but, when i bought it, the salesperson mistook a male bird. When i came home and put it in the cage with Mirmo, i noticed that it was a male. =.=" But it's ok as long as Mirmo got a friend. I still didn't give a name for the new one but i just call it 'Mirmo and his friend'. Is it ok? It took some time for Mirmo to get along with the new one because he was very close to MingMing before. I just hope that they would not be a gay. Hahahahaha! Ahh, i just love to hear they chirping in the morning, waking me up. It's a good therapy. Believe me.

one of the last pictures of Mirmo with Mingming

Sa, go to the next one, introducing Han and Meimei. They are Sumayyah and Zara's pet. They look kawaii but i don't find any interesting on tortoise so i didn't buy it. Hehe. Han is male and Sumayyah's and Meimei is female and Zara's. They ate cabbages but dislike pellets. That's the only thing i know about them. Huhu.

We proceed to the third one, this is Yuuki. Her long name is Yuki Yuuki. It means snow princess (Err, i don't really sure whether the meaning is right or wrong..hehe!) but it is just a name. Yuuki, a very kawaii pet of mine. I've been longing to have a hamster as a pet but my mom doesn't want it. Huhu. Oh, she is so alone but i'll find a partner for her next time. She really loves cabbage. She ates a lot and sleeps a lot too!


Huh, i always try to wake her up but then, she make a cute action, asking for me to pat on her and that makes me feel so annoying. Whatever she did, she's always a cute one.


this is the video recorded about yuuki and her cabbage.

The last and the biggest, introducing...

Miss K : eh2, buat ape dalam plastic bag orang tu. meh2 kenalkan diri.
Wiwi : Meow!

Haha. So there he is. Wiwi. A male neko (cat). We gave him that name because we met him at KLCC at Rumah Wilayah. Oh...KLCC that is Kuala Lumpur Cairo Cafe..don't misunderstood okey. We went there just to have a dinner and met him. So, me and Madihah decided to take it home. He is actually belongs to the cafe, i mean, one of the ustaz there gave him foods and take care of him. Then, the ustaz gave us Wiwi. Hehe, so we name him Wiwi because we took him from Rumah Wilayah. Is it unique?

Hehe. Wiwi is a very adorable and a kind cat. He didn't throws anywhere but inside the sand we provide to him. He loves to eat canned tuna and friskies. And he loves to sit and sleep on people. He always be with me when i staying up to study. He also loves to go out himself strolling and he knows how to come back home. He is a good cat. Meow3!

he likes to kiss my nose

Haha! So they are living with us and gave us some happiness. Huhu. Ja Ne!

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