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Jan 24, 2010

Postpone, Hang-outs, Housemates, & Omedetou

Fuh~it takes a loooonnngg time for me to post this entry, even to upload all of this pictures (45 minutes just for uploading photos,,yeah)
but, whatever it is, i'm glad to have this opportunity to put some of the pictures while i'm here. (heh, i'll spend 5 years here so there'll be more pics coming later..XD)

How am i doing?
well,, just good enough..
the first thing is, the final semester exam that i've mentioned in the entry before was postponed.
that's a good news, and also a bad one.
the exam is postponed because we still did not get our tasydid kuliah
(a letter confirming that we are the student of the university)
That thing is important for entering exams and for extending study visas afterwards.
Huh~so, we'll have to wait untill the end of February to get our tasydid kuliah and entering for final exams.
well, i hope that will going through without any problem.

Our HEAVY classes have already over. We've already going through all the syllabus, and just wait for the exam day. There's only Arabic language and Al-Quran class that still be held. So, as you may guess, we've a loooot of times! As if, you know me, a travel-loving person, ouh yeah!
Ronggeng habisssss!!!

fi Tahrir.. this is the place that people making visas. Actually, taking pictures were forbidden here but we managed to ignore it and took pictures by any chances we have. Haha!

Ah~well, is it a nice dress?(Really, this is a question, not asking for praise) I newly bought it but even when i'm wearing it, i still cannot find the side that makes this dress looks good on me. That's the weak part of me. Haih~
This picture was taken at my friends' house, just near opposite of my house. Their house is at the eight level and the highest of the building. Haha. Luckily there was a lift there. It's just that they faced some problems with water supply. Sometimes.
My house was on the second floor and no lift. Thank God for not get the higher one. Phew!

Ah, this one was taken just after we've finished our oh-we're-really-tired-after-six-hours-non-stop-classes-but-just-endure-with-it. Hehe, that day we come to class on eight am and just only finished on eight pm. Oh, notice that the woman at the centre is our Botany practical lecturer.

Oh! Did i forgot to mention that i'm one of the newcomers that enters the batch 2009/10 quite late? That consequence with my treatment on AVM and because of that, i came a little late to study here. Then, the others in the picture also the newcomers. So, that's why we've to endure the full day classes to catch up all the syllabus that we've skipped.

Waiting for the train to the Shobra, the place that we went to see the crystals.

Huhui! This is the best part. Introducing my housemates, from left : Sumayyah, Meha, Tasya, Zara, and Syuhada. And, as you see, they are just like that. (What does this sentence mean?)
Haha, on simple words, diorang semua sempoi2 je. and sporting. that's the important thing. Ah, Heiji-san, introducing the one that crazy on english anime, Tasya. I think i've told you about her, right?

The one thing that makes us same, we love hang out! Hehe... I'm grateful to have them as my housemates. Love you all, minna-san.

besar kan kek nih?? housemate aku sume dasyat2 kalo bab makan neh.

ni koleksi biskut peneman study...serupa biskut raya tak? jgn risau, kat sini ada tiap2 hari...

I think that's all for now. On the next post i'll story about my new pets, and also my housemates', and also, of course, more pictures! Well then, ja ne!

P/S : I'm sorry for still not having time to visit your blog, minna-san! Gomen-ne.

P/S : It's kinda late, but, Happy Birthday, Mr. Farizz (7th Jan), Ierah-chan, and Mr. Perfection (23th Jan). Have a sweet 20th birthday...

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