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"On the Day when their tongues and their hands and their legs shall bear witness against them as to what they were doing." [24: 24]

Dec 4, 2009

Me, Oka-sama, and The Pyramid Giza??

Assalamualaikum... How are you all? I'm just fine.. hehe.. oh firstly i just want you to know that my birthday was on 2 December.. haha.. well, i'm officially 19 now..! ^^ But still own the childish behave.. XD

On the last entry i put pictures at the Nile River right? Well then, on the way back to Cairo, we stopped by at The Pyramid at Giza. Hehe.. Thank God, i had the chance to bring my mother to see the pyramids. ^^

My mother has already gone back to Malaysia on the night of 1 December ago..leaving me here on my birthday..huwaaaaa~ hehe..there's no need to cry out loud at the age 19, no? Class will start on 6 December.. life here still not stable yet.. my face always got dried and there's a bit rashes formed. It will going to be even colder now.. More difficulties will be faced after this.. Got to be a stronger woman though..hehe..XD

me, oka-sama and The Pyramid Giza

mom and pyramid

in a souvenir shop nearby the pyramid

Ja Ne!

Within the spaces,

across the roads,

in the midst of the unknown people,

their hearts unite without being realized by their own self...

they even doesn't know each other, yet...

in the night that we meet coincidently,

it's like the last night we only have together,

and by the God's Will,

it's also the night that we depart...

while walking in separate route,

no one knows that both of us

pray that we will meet again,


pray that the route which separate us,

will intersect anyway,

to be the one and the only route,

that we will walk together,



Sharinginfoz said...

happy belated birthday......

Kimmy said...

thank you..^^

heijihatsutori said...

Happy belated birthday~ Sorry don't know why I don't left a comment earlier...T_T

Either way, those words at the end of the post are really good!! Any specific meaning?? *wink*

Ganbatte in your studies~

Kimmy said...'s ok..^^

oh yea,,those words.. really has it's own meaning..something that i myself doesn't sure is true or not.. haha..

you too.. gambatte ne!

heijihatsutori said...

Oro?? Hmm~ that's fine...I myself sometimes just write whatever it is in my head at the yeah! hahaha~


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