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"On the Day when their tongues and their hands and their legs shall bear witness against them as to what they were doing." [24: 24]

Dec 26, 2009

Chasing Time!?


Hehe.. miss K really had no finger to save even to make an entry for a day. (Alright, that's an excuse) Haha actually we still didn't have the wifi that we've requested so just bear with internet in phone and renting people's broadband. Can't help it. Huh~

So,, to save some time i just put in as points so that you can read it better. heh!

1- Practical exams are going to be finished just only have one paper to go; physiology. And another additional Histology quiz...phew!

2- Visa has been settled today. Alhamdulillah.

3- Study tables are arrived in our house! What a nice, black, and wide table and also a comfort chair! Hehehe..

4- We still didn't have time to clean and arrange our house. Still struggling and indulging with exam and study.

5- I'm half bald. Seriously. And the hair tonic was going to be running out. huh! *effect from Radiosurgery last month*

6- Still can't draw money from ATM. What a mess! Running out of money...T_T

7- That's all. Oyasumi. Ja ne!

P/s- Sorry for not posting any picture because i don't have much time to upload. Maybe later. Heiji-san, miss you! Faci-KMNSians, miss you too!

P/s/s- Tag from Mr. Azad Yazid

Man and Boy

When a boy loves a girl,
Beauty is the main agenda,
A thousand new feelings to be discovered,
He walks with pride of glory,
He would say ' i love you" a thousand times in a day,
Curiosity is a game,
A gamble she was clouded with,
Pleasure is the addiction,
Yet it was pure for an ignorant heart,
When a man loves a lady,
He knows there is a thousand memory to be build,
He knows which road is the safest,
He knows to protect her by any means,
Love is not an easy word to say,
As he realise love is a work not easy to be done,
Yet he believed,
for she is the one to make him feel alive ,
and to grow old with,
Every smile is a piece of heaven in disguise.
For which he will choose,
his heart is the eye of his life,
to have a companion on his side,
is a challenge of life,
but much more than that,
she makes him know that there is a reason to breath.

1 comment:

maryam fatanah said...

kimmy ku syg...
ni maryam ni..
heheh sihat???

kim..yam da ade chat box...
hom wat ketupat kat stu..pnuh kan chat box tu


kim..cmne nk ltak label kat post???
yam da lupe...

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