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"On the Day when their tongues and their hands and their legs shall bear witness against them as to what they were doing." [24: 24]

Nov 9, 2009

This Blog Is Closed!

Assalamualaikum! Hehe..mesti semua terkejut mcm *whoa!* bile baca tajuk entry ni kan? Kan? Haha.. sabor..sabor.. meh aku nok crite molek sket ke mung2 blake neh.. *Whoa! this is my first time writing entry using Terengganu slang!* Err.. Haha.. xperlu la nk bangge mcm *whoa!* tu kn??

Critics: What's going on with the *whoa*..*whoa*..??
Mrs K: Well, as i've said before this blog will be closing very soon? So, u'll never have the chance to be featured in my entry anymore..hihi..
Critics: Whoa!!!
Mrs K: See? Even you gave those expression too.. ^^
Critics: =..=''

Ok let's proceed! Petang ni aku akn bertolak ke Kelantan. Tomorrow i'll be admitted to HUSM ward. As some of you know, i'll be facing the Radiosurgery the day after tomorrow. This is due to the residual AVM still exist in my brain.

Aku bertolak ptg ni pasal nk elakkan dari kne sekat dek banjir. Kelantan kan biase banjir jugak. Kalo pegi hari ni sekurang2nye bleh harung lagi xkisah la sampai sane mlm pun, asalkn aku dpat masuk wad on time esok. Anyway, for tonight.., tido la mane2 pun. Tepi kaki lima hospital pn xkisah. (Pergh! gilernye hiperbola)

Well, as long as you've known where i'll be, this blog also will be closed due to the repairing of the owner's brain. We're sorry for the inconvenient. Cehs! Mcm la ni dekat airport nk wat announcement jadahnye..hehe..

Also, something happened last night. Well Mr.F, you succeed to make me cry the whole night sampaikn mata aku hari ni sepet mcm org Cina dah.

Aku harap korang doa2kn la keselamatan aku during the operation. Aku janji akan kembali kpd blog bila aku dh sihat nanti. I hope so. Till then, ja ne!

p/s: i have some words just to express my emotions's like not a complete somewhere..

in the end, i keep all my feelings alone,
without telling anybody,
no one knows how it felt,
the pain was excruciating,
i'm like dying,
it poisons every single cell of this heart,
until it wilts, and broken into pieces,

"don't let me go..."

i don't belong in that place,
i even don't deserve to get any of it,
thousands of feeling being put into one emotion,
feels like my head was spinning continuously,

"don't let me go..."

i still feel the pain,
i will remember that until my last breath,

"don't let me go..."

for certain part,
someone has to pay for what had been done,
later or sooner,
and for another,
let's just assume it's the circle of life,

"don't let me go..."

when i think that i've already get over it,
then why i still can't stop from feeling this killing pain?
why i still can't stop myself draining in tears?

"don't let me go..."

i'm hoping that someone will enters my heart,
and cures the pain,
but now,
until that time comes,
i would enjoy this pain that hurts myself from the inside...

so i'm already gone.


heijihatsutori said...

I'll be praying for you to get better! ^^

mindbreaking said...

mr.mind doakan kselamatan kamoo

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