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Nov 21, 2009


Assalamualaikum! Konichiwa! This is an entry about anime. I repeat, it's about anime! For those who doesn't interested in anime or manga, please don't read this. Haha..just joking! You all know about what i've done this two months right? I was supposed to fly to Egypt on 31 October 2009. But, it's because of my treatment still haven't done yet, so, i've to postpone the flight and also my study to 23 November 2009 (yes, the day after tomorrow!).

What i've been doing while this awaiting moment? Bingo! Since my BFF Heiji-san gave me a lot of animes during Hari Raya, ape lagi? Pulun la sume! Haha..actually i've not watched all of them yet. This is the animes that i've watched...

Nabari no Ou (I've already wrote the entry about this)

Kuroshitsuji (also have wrote the entry)

Phantom : Requiem for the Phantom

I've not yet finished it all because the episodes downloaded still on going and when i try to search it at, it's licensed so it can't be downloaded. So, i've to stop and will find it later anyway.

Vampire Knight

OMG! This anime really has caught my heart! Ahhh! It's all because of Kuran Kaname!!! Kya~i'm crazy!!! I'm also take him as my boyfriend!!!

Critics : She's crazy. Really a crazy girl.

Mrs K : *throwing pan*

Critics : Aiyark!!!

HOoO... it can't be helped! He's a cold person, even a very protective..huwaa!

5 cm per seconds

This is a movie. A sad story. That's all i can say. Tsk! T_T

Bleach : Memories of the Rain
This is also a movie. A short one. I used to follow the full story but it's too hard to catch and this anime got a lot of episodes (Argh!), so, just forget it. But, i really loves Bleach.

Fruits Basket

Haha..although this one is a little old one, but i love it! All the boys are handsome and cute! >,<

Special A

Ahh! I really loves this one! A school life story. Really reminds me the memories of my life in school. Recommended by Heiji-san.

Ayashi no Ceres (ongoing)

This one also an old anime, but, while thinking about my schoolmate, Athirah-chan, it reminds me on this one. It's because she'd drawn an anime character and wrote the title on it, oh, that was long ago. Maybe when we were in form 2 or 3..

Ha~i'm feeling so excited when it comes to anime and manga stuff. Hihi..well, a lot of thanks to Heiji-san because of her kind-hearted that she shares her anime collections and her opinions about animes. And i really likes all of her recommendations, oh, except Gundam Seed because i still haven't watch it yet. Haha!

So, that's all for this stuff. I write this because it maybe the last post about anime for this year. I've to study hard. Ahhh~*faint*

Ja ne!


Sharinginfoz said...

ok ke citer kartun mcm ni,,,, tak pernah pula tengok..

Kimmy said...

hehe..bagi manusia yg otaku n gila2 kartun jepun.. msti la sumenye best!

heijihatsutori said...

Haha~ sume pun best! Cume...the one I'm recommending..bukn Gundam Seed..(ak xde n x mnat ngat gundam) tpi Code Geass la...haha~

Neway, you're most welcome! Ganbatte kudasai~

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