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"On the Day when their tongues and their hands and their legs shall bear witness against them as to what they were doing." [24: 24]

Nov 22, 2009

Poem Tag?


I've been tagged in a poem by my KMNS friend, Azad bin Yazid in Facebook. I think it is a nice one! Surely he knows the situation and whatever it is, he's great! Well, thanks for the tag, Azad! ^^

Blossoming Tree

Under the blossoming tree,
there is a wooden bench,
lays a memory,
playing joyfully in front of my eyes,

The birds still sing the same tune,
never i want it to change,
the tunes that make your heart beat slower,
giving softness and warmth.

The flowers falls onto the ground,
reminds me how i used pretend,
to look at the dancing flowers,
but it was your smile that my heart desired,

When the sun shines too brightly,
you found a pillow on my lap,
stories of life releases a million words,
never i was tired for yours.

If you could read my mind,
i would blush for eternity,
if you only knew,
You are a goddess whom i adore forever,

On this bench ,
i am happy you left me ,
this pain of missing,
is for me alone to suffer.

Written by : Azad bin Yazid


heijihatsutori said...

Waa~ poem ni best gile~~ ye tulis sndirik ke?? terer r~

Nk copy se..hahaha! Bleh x? LOL.

Kimmy said...

hihihi..sory xprasan ade komen kt sini..
men approve je.. heh~

a'ah die buat sndiri.. boleh je copy..
silekn2.. just credit pd tuan punye.. huhu..

heijihatsutori said...

Xpe~ trimas!!

*off to copy~*

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