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"On the Day when their tongues and their hands and their legs shall bear witness against them as to what they were doing." [24: 24]

Nov 7, 2009

Nukilan Lama...


How do you do? I'm here always fine, physically...but emotionally, i'm kind of having mood swings..perhaps i'm being like that is because of the North East Monsoon (Monsun Timur Laut) at my place is already that the rain could not stop for several days, making my mood also swinging through the rough winds... *Pergh! ayat xbleh blah..*

Critics: Hei, didn't she having mood swings everyday? Oh, she was really at worst during that time in the month.

Mrs K: Hei you! Baka! (Stupid) *chasing them*

Oh, no..this morning while i'm packing my old stuff that i still want to keep it in my room since i'm going to further study in egypt,, i found an 'old article' that Heiji-san wrote for me to express my feelings on someone. That person, i'm absolutely can't tell you his actual name but we (me and Heiji-san) call him Tokiya-kun. Haha...heiji-san, gomen2..hontouni, i still can't forget that person...thihihihi..well, can't help it. xD
Well, i'm gonna put your precious piece here, may i, Heiji-san? But, even i ask your permission, i still put it here without you know first right? Ahaks~Gomen..gomen..but i can't stop myself from doing this..xD

This piece is written in Malay Language.

Hari ini
Ku intai wajahmu di balik purnama putih
Yang cahayanya hilang
Ditelan kelabu langitku

Hari ini
Ku intai wajahmu di balik taburan bintang
Yang kerdipnya hilang
Ditelan kelabu langitku

Hari ini
Ku intai wajahmu di balik terang mentari
Yang sinarnya hilang ditelan kelabu langitku

Hari ini
Ku intai wajahmu di balik kepulan awan
Yang putihnya hilang
Ditelan kelabu langitku

Hari ini
Wajahmu lenyap dari pandanganku
Kabur diingatanku
Suram di potret hatiku
Yang retak dihiris halus
Ranap dikaram waktu

Hari ini
Ku sesat di lautan gelap
Mencari kristal kacaku yang berderai
Bersama redup wajahmu

Ah, really, i want to say arigatou to Heiji-san for making this piece..she really knows how i felt that time..this piece, really represents my true heart that time. Hihi..well, now i'm not so cool anymore when you read this right? Haha..i'm also a normal person.. xD


heijihatsutori said...

Kimmy~ ak dh lupe pun ak ade tulis bnde alh n...haha! Trimas coz simpn! Trhru~

Ak dh bg ko so kire hk ko r nk ltk kt blog ke pe...ak x kish...^^

I can tell's'll 4get him soon...ok! ^^

Ak sjak yg bnyk2 ak wt ak lupe ltak mane so sume hilg...huhu~ so in order 2 mncrik blik ak ak copy wt smpanan..xpe ek? ^^ X burk siku kn?

Again, trimas! *bows*

Kimmy said...

Hoiya..aku tetibe trjumpe..aku simpn dlm kotak ntah pape dlm laci wardrobe burok dlm blik aku tuh..kui3~

hehe..okey2..mule2 ingat mcm kne handing je sbb ltak dlm blog tnpa kbenaran neh..kui3~'s ok..asal2 pn dri kau nye idea jgk..amek je laa..xD
but, ade satu lg yg kau wat in English but still aku ingat xbuang yg tu..

ohh..don't worry,,now i've been in love to 'someone'..
it's Kuran Kaname!!! Argh!! He really makes my nose bleeds like dying!!

heijihatsutori said...

Xde ar...ak pun pikir nk ltak kt blog ak plak...tpi segn r...hahaha!!!

English?? ade ek? Aduss~ ak dh lupa maa...2 r rugi je..wt bnyk2 tpi hilg...huhu~

Again, I like Zero more!! hahaha~ *nk cri gduh je...:P

Kimmy said...

Ek eleh..segan lak,,tp kau nye blog in english so no wonder la kalo kau xnk ltak..anyway,,translate la dlm english plak!! xD

hehe..saje je nk cari long as Kuran stay handsome and evil..i'll not stop liking him..Kyaa!!!

wee..oh yg english tu actually lyric..lagu BSB kot kalo xsilap..hehe..

heijihatsutori said...

Eh..? Plek r low translate..haha!!

Xpe..I'll not stop liking Zero then!! Huhu~

Oh~ lirik..BSB maybe as long as you love me kot? hehe~ Juz guessing...

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