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Nov 27, 2009

New World


Hi there everyone! I've arrived here in Egypt on tuesday. I stay in ARMA (Malaysian Hall Cairo) at Cairo.. My mom also follows me here. Hihi. class will start on 6 Dec so this time i'll have some time to take a tour with mother. Hehe,not actually a tour. ^^ On wednesday we went to Hussein and Abuela' (i'm not sure whether my spelling is right or not..haha!) for some shopping. At Hussein there are so many souvenirs,tshirts,scarfs,shawls,carpets,comforters..waa..i bought a shawl and my mom bought two..haha..we also have the chance to pray Maghrib at Saidina Hussein Mosque and visit Saidina Hussein's tomb. In Abuela', there are many winter coat bundle shops.. I bought a shirt and a winter coat for a hundred genih or egypt pound.

The currency here are a little cheaper than Malaysia..RM 1=1.5 LE. But here in Cairo the goods and foods are more expensive than the other places like Tanta. Maybe it's because Cairo is a big city. You know, peoples here are very aggressive when driving. It's like they want to hit every vehicles on the road! The two line road, for them is like a three line road. They drive like they are on their own grandfather's road. Hehe. But, they will not hit any pedestrians, and they are very professional when driving., Malaysian people, don't you think that you are a professional driver before you meet them. ^^

Ah, here in Egypt, people are very enjoying the Eidul Adha merrier than Eidul Fitri. We, MedicMesir students celebrate Eid in Tanta, about two hours from Cairo. We stay in our friends' house (MM's students in Tanta University). Here, we perform pray Sunat Eidul Adha at Istad, a place like a stadium (10 minutes walk from house). But, we arrived late so we only perform pray on the road outside the stadium. For the day, Ummi (CEO MM) made Laksa Utara using laksa kering and spagheti, and very good! Laziizun jiddan! And for the night, MM open house was organised. Gearbox soup, Beef curry, Laksa Johor...Mmmm! All cooked by Ummi.

Any other updates, i'll post another later ya! Ja ne!

P/s : Ohhh... gomenasai! I can't upload pictures now. Maybe i'll update the pictures on the next post yea!


heijihatsutori said...

1) Glad to finally hear from you~~
2) Glad that you're alright
3) Glad that you seems to be enjoying yourself
4) Glad that everything's fine!! ^^

Can't wait to hear more from you! Ganbatte~

Internet at home hates me...can't really online freely...will try my best to follow you~ ^^

Do your best!! ^^

Kimmy said...


Waa..arigatou3 gozaimasu! Hehe.. i also steal friend's internet line..hehe.. my celcom modem cannot be used, i'll buy a modem here..maybe tomorrow or the next day..huhu..

waa... miss u!

heijihatsutori said...

It's ok~ you're at a new world after all...(steal?? Oho~) ^^

Miss you too~ T_T

Kimmy said...

huhu.. not really steal.. lend.. hehe.. uhh.. still cannot buy modem.. maybe not this time.. so, for this time, i just have to lend people's line or modem.. haha.. how pity me~ T_T

heijihatsutori said...

uh...lend? I don't remember asking but..thanks! You're really nice~ hehe...

It's ok....take your time! Don't worry too much ok! ^^

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