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"On the Day when their tongues and their hands and their legs shall bear witness against them as to what they were doing." [24: 24]

Nov 18, 2009

Ikimasho! (Let's Go!)

Assalamualaikum... konban wa,,minna-san! I don't want to write much tonight because it's already late night and i'll be going to sleep soon~ XD

I'll be going to Egypt next week on Tuesday. Oh my! My flight is around 1.30 am in the 24th November morning!! Waa..~that means me and my mother will already arrived at KLIA on the night of 23rd maybe around 8.30 pm. This is due to that we will meet the secretary of the MM to pick our tickets. So, we'll have much time at KLIA before depart. Hehe.. for those who wants to meet me and say goodbye or want to have some sort of sad drama or anything, just let me know. ^^

Oh, my mother also will be going with me. She'll send me until Al-Azhar and spend 10 days there. Well, we'll celebrate Eidul Adha together there. Hihi... and her flight back here is on 2nd December.. Know what that means? It's my birthday and my mother will leave me!!! Huwaa.. T_T
Haha...there's no such thing. I'll not be sad for that. I've chosen this path. It'll be even harder and tougher, and i'm ready to challenge it!

While my flight is on 24th November at 1.30 am, Heiji-san (my BFF) will also arrive in Semenanjung (since she is now at UMS_KAL) on the same day but at the morning or afternoon, i think.. That means, we'll also doesn't have the chance to meet before i fly!!! Huwaaa.. (again) T_T's ok, maybe the fate doesn't allow us to meet this time. And maybe we'll meet again next time and at that time, we'll both be even a better person!

Oh, another thing! Tomorrow night, (Thursday,November 19) my elder sister, the second one, will be married. I'll going to be busy (really??) to lend a helping hand. Moreover, i do love this kind of event! Hehe... well, i'll update more about this later (after the event is over).

P/S : Hey! I love the song Kings and Queens by 30 Seconds to Mars. Do drop an ear on it! I've put it in my playlist. And i've also completely removed the song Already Gone by Kelly Clarkson and put 2 another 30 Seconds to Mars' songs that is A Beautiful Lie and From Yesterday. Yeah, i know those songs are an-old-enough but i still love them. Hehe...

Till then, oyasumi.. Ja ne! XD


hans said...

wow...bestnya dapat gi Egypt
upload gambar dekat sana pasnih

Kimmy said...


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