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"On the Day when their tongues and their hands and their legs shall bear witness against them as to what they were doing." [24: 24]

Nov 29, 2009

Upload! Update!

Haa..finally i had the chance to upload some pictures at Cairo!
thanks to my friends that i lend their private wifi line.
so, enjoy it!

me and my mother in front of Saidina Hussein's Mosque (Prophet Muhammad's grandchildren)

Saidina Hussein's Mosque at night

After solat sunat Eidul Adha at Tanta

me with Tanta students at Bait Izzah (tgk org sembelih lembu)

me with Syaza

at night MM's openhouse

P/S : I'm now at Mansoura.. an hour from Tanta.. will the celebration still doesn't finish yet!


Sharinginfoz said...

memang seronok kan jalan2 tempat org

«♪Ruff♪» said...

wah kat oversea...
best nyew....
nak daging unta sekilo boleh?

Kimmy said...


alaa.. bagi la 1000 genih dulu.. baru poskn ke malaysia.. hehe..

Kimmy said...


hehe..seronok tu xde la sgat.. sbb kat sini tmpatnye kotor.. jalan penuh smpah.. mcm2 lgi la.. Malaysia is 100 times better than here.. ^^

heijihatsutori said...

Finally pictures~ Waa~~ cm best je...hehe~ nk ole2~ muahaha~

Rumh ak bnjir..huhu~ tnet sucks so lmbt kmen..gomenne~ (-_-')

Kimmy said...

huhu.. oh yeah..

huh?? banjir? xkn smpai air masuk rumh kot??'s ok..XD

heijihatsutori said...

Well...ko prnh dtng umh ak kn? kt blkng kt dpur 2 dh pnuh air...huhu~ so can imagine it..

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