Today's verse~

"On the Day when their tongues and their hands and their legs shall bear witness against them as to what they were doing." [24: 24]

Nov 29, 2009

Upload! Update!

Haa..finally i had the chance to upload some pictures at Cairo!
thanks to my friends that i lend their private wifi line.
so, enjoy it!

me and my mother in front of Saidina Hussein's Mosque (Prophet Muhammad's grandchildren)

Saidina Hussein's Mosque at night

After solat sunat Eidul Adha at Tanta

me with Tanta students at Bait Izzah (tgk org sembelih lembu)

me with Syaza

at night MM's openhouse

P/S : I'm now at Mansoura.. an hour from Tanta.. will the celebration still doesn't finish yet!

Nov 27, 2009

New World


Hi there everyone! I've arrived here in Egypt on tuesday. I stay in ARMA (Malaysian Hall Cairo) at Cairo.. My mom also follows me here. Hihi. class will start on 6 Dec so this time i'll have some time to take a tour with mother. Hehe,not actually a tour. ^^ On wednesday we went to Hussein and Abuela' (i'm not sure whether my spelling is right or not..haha!) for some shopping. At Hussein there are so many souvenirs,tshirts,scarfs,shawls,carpets,comforters..waa..i bought a shawl and my mom bought two..haha..we also have the chance to pray Maghrib at Saidina Hussein Mosque and visit Saidina Hussein's tomb. In Abuela', there are many winter coat bundle shops.. I bought a shirt and a winter coat for a hundred genih or egypt pound.

The currency here are a little cheaper than Malaysia..RM 1=1.5 LE. But here in Cairo the goods and foods are more expensive than the other places like Tanta. Maybe it's because Cairo is a big city. You know, peoples here are very aggressive when driving. It's like they want to hit every vehicles on the road! The two line road, for them is like a three line road. They drive like they are on their own grandfather's road. Hehe. But, they will not hit any pedestrians, and they are very professional when driving., Malaysian people, don't you think that you are a professional driver before you meet them. ^^

Ah, here in Egypt, people are very enjoying the Eidul Adha merrier than Eidul Fitri. We, MedicMesir students celebrate Eid in Tanta, about two hours from Cairo. We stay in our friends' house (MM's students in Tanta University). Here, we perform pray Sunat Eidul Adha at Istad, a place like a stadium (10 minutes walk from house). But, we arrived late so we only perform pray on the road outside the stadium. For the day, Ummi (CEO MM) made Laksa Utara using laksa kering and spagheti, and very good! Laziizun jiddan! And for the night, MM open house was organised. Gearbox soup, Beef curry, Laksa Johor...Mmmm! All cooked by Ummi.

Any other updates, i'll post another later ya! Ja ne!

P/s : Ohhh... gomenasai! I can't upload pictures now. Maybe i'll update the pictures on the next post yea!

Nov 22, 2009

Poem Tag?


I've been tagged in a poem by my KMNS friend, Azad bin Yazid in Facebook. I think it is a nice one! Surely he knows the situation and whatever it is, he's great! Well, thanks for the tag, Azad! ^^

Blossoming Tree

Under the blossoming tree,
there is a wooden bench,
lays a memory,
playing joyfully in front of my eyes,

The birds still sing the same tune,
never i want it to change,
the tunes that make your heart beat slower,
giving softness and warmth.

The flowers falls onto the ground,
reminds me how i used pretend,
to look at the dancing flowers,
but it was your smile that my heart desired,

When the sun shines too brightly,
you found a pillow on my lap,
stories of life releases a million words,
never i was tired for yours.

If you could read my mind,
i would blush for eternity,
if you only knew,
You are a goddess whom i adore forever,

On this bench ,
i am happy you left me ,
this pain of missing,
is for me alone to suffer.

Written by : Azad bin Yazid

Nov 21, 2009


Assalamualaikum! Konichiwa! This is an entry about anime. I repeat, it's about anime! For those who doesn't interested in anime or manga, please don't read this. Haha..just joking! You all know about what i've done this two months right? I was supposed to fly to Egypt on 31 October 2009. But, it's because of my treatment still haven't done yet, so, i've to postpone the flight and also my study to 23 November 2009 (yes, the day after tomorrow!).

What i've been doing while this awaiting moment? Bingo! Since my BFF Heiji-san gave me a lot of animes during Hari Raya, ape lagi? Pulun la sume! Haha..actually i've not watched all of them yet. This is the animes that i've watched...

Nabari no Ou (I've already wrote the entry about this)

Kuroshitsuji (also have wrote the entry)

Phantom : Requiem for the Phantom

I've not yet finished it all because the episodes downloaded still on going and when i try to search it at, it's licensed so it can't be downloaded. So, i've to stop and will find it later anyway.

Vampire Knight

OMG! This anime really has caught my heart! Ahhh! It's all because of Kuran Kaname!!! Kya~i'm crazy!!! I'm also take him as my boyfriend!!!

Critics : She's crazy. Really a crazy girl.

Mrs K : *throwing pan*

Critics : Aiyark!!!

HOoO... it can't be helped! He's a cold person, even a very protective..huwaa!

5 cm per seconds

This is a movie. A sad story. That's all i can say. Tsk! T_T

Bleach : Memories of the Rain
This is also a movie. A short one. I used to follow the full story but it's too hard to catch and this anime got a lot of episodes (Argh!), so, just forget it. But, i really loves Bleach.

Fruits Basket

Haha..although this one is a little old one, but i love it! All the boys are handsome and cute! >,<

Special A

Ahh! I really loves this one! A school life story. Really reminds me the memories of my life in school. Recommended by Heiji-san.

Ayashi no Ceres (ongoing)

This one also an old anime, but, while thinking about my schoolmate, Athirah-chan, it reminds me on this one. It's because she'd drawn an anime character and wrote the title on it, oh, that was long ago. Maybe when we were in form 2 or 3..

Ha~i'm feeling so excited when it comes to anime and manga stuff. Hihi..well, a lot of thanks to Heiji-san because of her kind-hearted that she shares her anime collections and her opinions about animes. And i really likes all of her recommendations, oh, except Gundam Seed because i still haven't watch it yet. Haha!

So, that's all for this stuff. I write this because it maybe the last post about anime for this year. I've to study hard. Ahhh~*faint*

Ja ne!

Kepak Kepak! Gebum Gebum!

Hup! Ahhh! Lega rasanya dh selesai semua perkara serta ape yg diharapkan tercapai..
antara event paling besar ialah majlis pernikahan kakak kedua aku..

19 November 2009
tarikh keramat bagi kakak aku, Nurul Husna serta suaminya..
hari pernikahan yg disertai hujan lebat juga dengan ketiadaan air sehari suntuk..
haha.. mmg super challenge jgk la kami sume jd mcm survivor utk save air..
nasib baik notis kluar 2 hari sebelum tu..,,let the pictures tells the story...

tekukur 2 sejoli

1 family,,

3 mak dara pingitan..hehe

adik2 beradik aku

sis yue, bro apih n me..

me with sis nor

feewwiit! kami sedondon! kui3

ish3..cik K mmg xsah kalo xbgambar posing2 gitu..

p/s: Selamat pengantin baru buat Nurul Husna. Semoga perkahwinan kali kedua buatmu ini berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat. Amin.

Nov 18, 2009

Ikimasho! (Let's Go!)

Assalamualaikum... konban wa,,minna-san! I don't want to write much tonight because it's already late night and i'll be going to sleep soon~ XD

I'll be going to Egypt next week on Tuesday. Oh my! My flight is around 1.30 am in the 24th November morning!! Waa..~that means me and my mother will already arrived at KLIA on the night of 23rd maybe around 8.30 pm. This is due to that we will meet the secretary of the MM to pick our tickets. So, we'll have much time at KLIA before depart. Hehe.. for those who wants to meet me and say goodbye or want to have some sort of sad drama or anything, just let me know. ^^

Oh, my mother also will be going with me. She'll send me until Al-Azhar and spend 10 days there. Well, we'll celebrate Eidul Adha together there. Hihi... and her flight back here is on 2nd December.. Know what that means? It's my birthday and my mother will leave me!!! Huwaa.. T_T
Haha...there's no such thing. I'll not be sad for that. I've chosen this path. It'll be even harder and tougher, and i'm ready to challenge it!

While my flight is on 24th November at 1.30 am, Heiji-san (my BFF) will also arrive in Semenanjung (since she is now at UMS_KAL) on the same day but at the morning or afternoon, i think.. That means, we'll also doesn't have the chance to meet before i fly!!! Huwaaa.. (again) T_T's ok, maybe the fate doesn't allow us to meet this time. And maybe we'll meet again next time and at that time, we'll both be even a better person!

Oh, another thing! Tomorrow night, (Thursday,November 19) my elder sister, the second one, will be married. I'll going to be busy (really??) to lend a helping hand. Moreover, i do love this kind of event! Hehe... well, i'll update more about this later (after the event is over).

P/S : Hey! I love the song Kings and Queens by 30 Seconds to Mars. Do drop an ear on it! I've put it in my playlist. And i've also completely removed the song Already Gone by Kelly Clarkson and put 2 another 30 Seconds to Mars' songs that is A Beautiful Lie and From Yesterday. Yeah, i know those songs are an-old-enough but i still love them. Hehe...

Till then, oyasumi.. Ja ne! XD

Nov 16, 2009






err,, hehe..

this is my first time being tagged since i've started blogging!

congratulations to Abg Boolat or En. Taufiq Azzain for this tag...

Hehe,, is it okay for me to be proud for this??

Erm,, i think it's ok (for me) ^^

Biar la.. kanak2 riang kn..haha

to abg.boolat, arigatou gozaimasu!

Tag From Abg Boolat

1. Anda rasa anda hot?

oh yeah! Absolutely! (err..only when somethings make me mad) hehe..well,,maybe not..XD
2. Upload gambar kesayangan anda

3. Kenapa anda suka gambar ini?

Hei! Don't you see?? It's Kuran Kaname my dream bf!!! Ahhh..Kaname-senpai!!!! XD
(hehe..ok i'm not too serious if it is my favorite picture or not..of course my mom's picture would be the best!)

4. Bila kali terakhir anda makan pizza?

Last month with my elder sister and her friend.

5. Lagu terakhir anda dengar?

Already Gone - Kelly Clarkson (i still can't stop from listening this song all long)

6. Apakah yang anda buat sambil selesaikan tag ini?

Reading Heiji-san's blog and taking care of Cafe World in Fb! (Haha!)

7. Selain dari nama anda sendiri anda suka di panggil?

(this is my japanese name Heiji-san gave me when high school, a character from Samurai Deeper Kyo)

8. Tag lagi 6 orang tanpa rasa kekesalan.

Eh?! aku nk tag banyak (lbih dari 6) boleh tak???? hehe.. suke ati aku laa..hehe..

****Siapa no.1 kepada anda??

Heiji-san is my best friend forever. Hope we'll be until the end. ^^

****Bagaimana pulak no.3??

Nurul Khan is my good friend at KMNS. A good friend though..=)

****Pendapat anda pada angka 4??

Manusia paling sengal and senget i've ever known. Haha!!!

****Kata sesuatu tentang orang no.2??

My best boyfriend met since KMNS

****Bagaimana pulak no.5?

Fasi KMNS. Si chumel yg gojes. *wink2*

****Pendapat anda pada angka 6??

Ogy kecik my practicum classmate at KMNS. An active and cute girl! (Maybe hyperactive! HEHE)

****No.7?? (tmbahan org..hehe memandai je!)

cik epal blogger macho..hehe..maybe she's a friend of my friend. Ntah nape aku rase nk tag gak cik epal neh...XD

Then, Well Done!!!

Nov 13, 2009

Ghost Of You...


Is it necessary for a person to feel lonely,
when the person that he loves just didn't being herself?

"I never said i'd lie and wait forever
If I did we'd be together
I can't always just forget her
But she could try"

Is it necessary for he to feel very lonely,
when the person he loves already in love with someone else?

"At the end of the world
Or the last thing I see
You are..."

Does he really a guy,
if he just let the person he loves fall for the other man?

"Never coming home
Never coming home
Should I"

Is he really a good man,
when he keeps all his feelings inside,
and see himself break into pieces?

"And all the things that you never ever told me
And all the smiles that are ever ever..."

All this time, he keeps himself suffer in the silence.

He didn't show his feelings, acting like a cool man.

"Get the feeling that you'll never
All alone and I remember now
At the top of my lungs in my arms she dies
She dies"

Pretending like nothing bad happened to him.

But, the truth is really hurts him from the inside.

"At the end of the world
Or the last thing I see
You are..."

He feels like he wants anybody knows his feelings.

"Never coming home
Never coming home
Should I"

He wants people to hear what he's thinking.
"And all the things that you never ever told me
And all the smiles that are ever gonna haunt me"

It's not that he doesn't have a strength to do that.

It's just that, he is just the way he is.

"Never coming home
Never coming home
Should I"

He's a silent person.

Keeping away his thoughts from anyone.

"And all the moons that are ever gonna scar me
For all the ghosts that are never gonna catch me"

He is like a ghost.

His cold, still face.

"If I fall
If I fall"

He doesn't know how long he'll be that way.

And he doesn't know how long he'll be waiting, for the person he loves, realized his feelings.

"At the end of the world
Or the last thing I see"

Until the end, he'll keep his feelings away.

"You are
Never coming home
Never coming home"

And bare with the pain inside.

"Never coming home
Never coming home"

If seeing her smile was the only thing that he can do, he will.

"And all the things that you never ever told me
And all the smiles that are ever gonna haunt me"

As if she is happy, he'll be happy for her.

"Never coming home
Never coming home
Should I"

And bare with the pain inside,
and bare with the pain inside.

"And all the moons that are ever gonna scar me
For all the ghosts that are never gonna..."

Nov 12, 2009


Assalamualaikum! Waa~hisashiburi desu ne! Cehs~padahal baru je 3 hari aku tinggalkan blog. Mengada-ngada betul cik K neh.. Hoooyah!

Critics: Whoa! At last we still have the chance to be featured in her blog! But, why is she in the excited state?? High on drugs?

Mrs K: Hihi..Yes i am on drug! ^^

Critics: Pergh!

Aku dah cerita kat entry lepas mane aku pergi 3 hari ni kn?? Ok la aku citer detail lagi la. 10/11/2009 i've been admitted to ward 3U Husm Kubang Kerian. Plan: SRS or Stereotactic Radiosurgery. Ni lah procedure yg paling last terhadap treatment AVM aku lepas buat Embolisation sbanyak 4 kali. So, semalam 11/11/2009 buat la SRS tuh. Tapi sebelum tu ade procedure tmbahan lagi.

Awal2 pagi tu die pasang besi atas kepala aku. Err,,panggil crown la kot. Haha. Oh..azab beb wa cakap lu! Cucuk bius local atas dahi pn aku dah *adeh3!*..Macam cucuk botox lak rasenye haha! 2 atas dahi, 2 blakang kepala. Lepas tu baru la pasang skru tu. Mak aih punye la ketat giler die pasang. Sampai sengal rahang gigi aku. Memang still giler r crown tu atas kepale. Berat jugak la dlm 1 kilo mcmtu. Lepas pasang tu, immediately pergi buat CT Scan. Yg tu xde ape la yg sakit pn.

Huh, yg lepas CT Scan ni jugak mmg super-duper azab! Angiogram!!!! Hehs~walaupn aku dah pernah rasa procedure ni dah 3kali, tapi ntah kenapa yg ni la paling sakit antara semua. Oh, aku mcm malas jugak nak ulang citer yg sama tntang procedure ni. Nak tau jadah ape Angiogram ni, klik2 la sini! Tapi yg berbeza skit cume la kehadiran besi ats kepala aku ni n kepala aku dimasukkan dalam kotak lutsinar. Pergh! On time tu jugak aku terbayang2 citer SAW. Macam lebih kurang jek. Cume die xletak air la dlm kotak tuh. Jerit je la dlm kotak tuh. Sakit tu, Tuhan je la yg tau.

Lepas siap Angiogram, rehat dulu dlm wad. Tidur2 dulu. Masa ni doktor2 buat calculation utk precise location utk laser ni la. Diorang kira brdasarkan result CT Scan and Angiogram tadi la. Pukul 3 ptg, turun dari wad pegi buat SRS. Xde rasa sakit pun. Baring je, fixkan kedudukan kepala, then mesin tu pusing2. Rasa la jugak panas2 kat kepala bahagian AVM tu. Lepas tu xde apa2 la. Mcmtu je la apa yg aku lalui semalam. Nampak mcm mudah je, tapi yg melalui tu tau la macamne azabnye. Haha.

Eventhough all of those procedures are really painful, but, i enjoyed all those pains. Pelik, kan?? aku ngantok gile la..maka, beta ingin berhenti di sini dulu la kerana beta sudah penat dan ingin beradu dah. Till then, ja ne!

Nov 9, 2009

This Blog Is Closed!

Assalamualaikum! Hehe..mesti semua terkejut mcm *whoa!* bile baca tajuk entry ni kan? Kan? Haha.. sabor..sabor.. meh aku nok crite molek sket ke mung2 blake neh.. *Whoa! this is my first time writing entry using Terengganu slang!* Err.. Haha.. xperlu la nk bangge mcm *whoa!* tu kn??

Critics: What's going on with the *whoa*..*whoa*..??
Mrs K: Well, as i've said before this blog will be closing very soon? So, u'll never have the chance to be featured in my entry anymore..hihi..
Critics: Whoa!!!
Mrs K: See? Even you gave those expression too.. ^^
Critics: =..=''

Ok let's proceed! Petang ni aku akn bertolak ke Kelantan. Tomorrow i'll be admitted to HUSM ward. As some of you know, i'll be facing the Radiosurgery the day after tomorrow. This is due to the residual AVM still exist in my brain.

Aku bertolak ptg ni pasal nk elakkan dari kne sekat dek banjir. Kelantan kan biase banjir jugak. Kalo pegi hari ni sekurang2nye bleh harung lagi xkisah la sampai sane mlm pun, asalkn aku dpat masuk wad on time esok. Anyway, for tonight.., tido la mane2 pun. Tepi kaki lima hospital pn xkisah. (Pergh! gilernye hiperbola)

Well, as long as you've known where i'll be, this blog also will be closed due to the repairing of the owner's brain. We're sorry for the inconvenient. Cehs! Mcm la ni dekat airport nk wat announcement jadahnye..hehe..

Also, something happened last night. Well Mr.F, you succeed to make me cry the whole night sampaikn mata aku hari ni sepet mcm org Cina dah.

Aku harap korang doa2kn la keselamatan aku during the operation. Aku janji akan kembali kpd blog bila aku dh sihat nanti. I hope so. Till then, ja ne!

p/s: i have some words just to express my emotions's like not a complete somewhere..

in the end, i keep all my feelings alone,
without telling anybody,
no one knows how it felt,
the pain was excruciating,
i'm like dying,
it poisons every single cell of this heart,
until it wilts, and broken into pieces,

"don't let me go..."

i don't belong in that place,
i even don't deserve to get any of it,
thousands of feeling being put into one emotion,
feels like my head was spinning continuously,

"don't let me go..."

i still feel the pain,
i will remember that until my last breath,

"don't let me go..."

for certain part,
someone has to pay for what had been done,
later or sooner,
and for another,
let's just assume it's the circle of life,

"don't let me go..."

when i think that i've already get over it,
then why i still can't stop from feeling this killing pain?
why i still can't stop myself draining in tears?

"don't let me go..."

i'm hoping that someone will enters my heart,
and cures the pain,
but now,
until that time comes,
i would enjoy this pain that hurts myself from the inside...

so i'm already gone.

Nov 8, 2009

Neko..Neko..Miao2!! Huhuhuhuhu..T_T


Hey,,i'm not really in a mood..
this is only because something that happened yesterday..
it's only because of this animal..

Aku pencinta kucing...
kucing itu cat
cat itu kucing
kucing itu neko (japanese)
neko itu kucing
kucing itu qittun (arabic)
qittun itu kucing...

wah3! tengok tu.. comelnye makhluk Allah neh..

pada tahun 1998
ketika seorang pecinta kucing ni masih kanak2..
beliau mengutip seekor anak kucing betina kat rumah tok guru mengajinye
(asalnye kucing tu mmg milik tok guru itu)
lalu membawanya ke rumah
dan meletakkannya kat atas pagar depan rumah
maka berlari-larilah knk2 ini ke dapur
untuk mintak kbenaran maknye nk ajak kucing balik rumah (padahal dh ajak pn)
mak cakap xpayah la..nanti membuang merata-rata dlm rumah..

eh? tengok ape tu??

pastu die pun diam je..esok pagi,
mak ckp,,
"ade kucing atas pagar tunggu tu..dari malam tadi lagi tunggu..kucing tu ke yg diajak?"
bdk ni angguk je..
maka kucing ni pn dijaga la oleh bdk neh..
mulanya nk dinamakan Niki sbb ade tengok citer English yg anjingnya brnama Niki
tapi tukar pada Chicky/Ciki
(masa tu Chicky Meal yg KFC tu blom wujud lagi yep..)

nyaa~si kucing pemalas..

bermula pada tu la..kucing kat rumah bdk neh berkembang pesat dan maju
dek kerana si ciki ni betina..setahun 2-3 kali meletop..
siape bidannye?? haa..bdk tadi lah!
tiap2 kali beranak, mesti die yg jadi bidan..
thihihi..mmg dari kecik sampai la besar,,
xgeli dah darah ke ape sume..
pencinta kucing punye pasal..

apa tengok2??? ade hutang?? hutang Whiskas!!!

sekarang..11 tahun dh berlalu..
Ciki pun dah mati 3 tahun yg lalu..
yg tinggal hanyalah anak,cucu cicitnya..
banyak betul kat rumah bdk neh..

kuro neko (black cat) was great!!

tanggal kelmarin (6/11/09 Jumaat)
sumenye dibuang ke pasar besar oleh kakaknya..
Agh!! tidak!! bdk neh xdapat menghalang..
oleh kerana mereka (kucing2) buat perangai asyik 'membuang' kat lantai porch kereta
maka bdk ini tersangat le sedihnya..
kalo duduk kat dapur tu asyik teringat sebab kucing2 selalu duk kat dapur..
kalo lepas mkn tu teringat lagi..
ape la mereka mkn kat pasar tu ye?
ape khabar mereka ye?
jgn la mereka mlintas jalan raya besar tu..
harap2 ade orang ambil bela..
huhuhu..sedihnye dia..
AAaaaaaAAAAaaaaAAAAaaaAAAA *crying out loud!*

pergh!! Kan best kalo makhluk neh sebaik kucing...


Nov 7, 2009

Nukilan Lama...


How do you do? I'm here always fine, physically...but emotionally, i'm kind of having mood swings..perhaps i'm being like that is because of the North East Monsoon (Monsun Timur Laut) at my place is already that the rain could not stop for several days, making my mood also swinging through the rough winds... *Pergh! ayat xbleh blah..*

Critics: Hei, didn't she having mood swings everyday? Oh, she was really at worst during that time in the month.

Mrs K: Hei you! Baka! (Stupid) *chasing them*

Oh, no..this morning while i'm packing my old stuff that i still want to keep it in my room since i'm going to further study in egypt,, i found an 'old article' that Heiji-san wrote for me to express my feelings on someone. That person, i'm absolutely can't tell you his actual name but we (me and Heiji-san) call him Tokiya-kun. Haha...heiji-san, gomen2..hontouni, i still can't forget that person...thihihihi..well, can't help it. xD
Well, i'm gonna put your precious piece here, may i, Heiji-san? But, even i ask your permission, i still put it here without you know first right? Ahaks~Gomen..gomen..but i can't stop myself from doing this..xD

This piece is written in Malay Language.

Hari ini
Ku intai wajahmu di balik purnama putih
Yang cahayanya hilang
Ditelan kelabu langitku

Hari ini
Ku intai wajahmu di balik taburan bintang
Yang kerdipnya hilang
Ditelan kelabu langitku

Hari ini
Ku intai wajahmu di balik terang mentari
Yang sinarnya hilang ditelan kelabu langitku

Hari ini
Ku intai wajahmu di balik kepulan awan
Yang putihnya hilang
Ditelan kelabu langitku

Hari ini
Wajahmu lenyap dari pandanganku
Kabur diingatanku
Suram di potret hatiku
Yang retak dihiris halus
Ranap dikaram waktu

Hari ini
Ku sesat di lautan gelap
Mencari kristal kacaku yang berderai
Bersama redup wajahmu

Ah, really, i want to say arigatou to Heiji-san for making this piece..she really knows how i felt that time..this piece, really represents my true heart that time. Hihi..well, now i'm not so cool anymore when you read this right? Haha..i'm also a normal person.. xD

Nov 5, 2009

Story Of The Kecik Girl


name si gadis chumil n cute neh

Fauziyah Bt Ghazali

die member kamceng aku mase kat Matrix N9 dulu

actually sbb kami satu praktikum,, H1P2

hehe..n guess what?

cik Ogy neh muda staun dari aku..budak lompat le katekn..

hehe..*anyway, i guess, mgkin aku mmg rpat ngan org lg kecik ngan aku la..agaknye..*

so, yeah..kami lebih kepada happy go lucky

same2 tido dalam kuliah

masing2 asyik mencapub je kerja..

ponteng kelas BI..
kekadang tu ponteng kuliah..
*okey, Ogy, kau lagi bnyak ponteng dari aku yep!*


Ogy ni famous dulu kat matrix neh..

budak Basketball la katekn..standard r..

aku? budak Volleyball..hehe..

so, nape cik ogy ni disergah dlm blog cik K hari ni?

oh..xde ape pun..sedang2 cik K membelek2 koleksi pic2 kat matrix tuh..

terperasan la plak banyak jgk gambar dak kecik neh..

so, dtg le idea menyergah cik Ogy neh..hehe..

now, kami dh graduate dri matrix neh..dh terpisah jgk..

cik Ogy ni asalnye KL, aku lak asalnye KT *jauh la jugak*

haha..tapi yg ironiknye,,

cik Ogy ni plak tercampak kat UMT course Sains Bio..

depan rumah aku jep... *ok serius, sgt hiperbola!*

hehe..dlm kategori dekat la jgak..dlm 30 minit je nk jenguk die neh..

aku pn penah la bawak dak ni balik rumah aku..

tu pn mase fasi2 dtg serang rumah aku bulan puasa hari tu..

hehe..tapi aku dah x lame kat sini..

Ogy oh ogy...bile lagi nk jumpe kau yep..

dh la tgh exam..then lepas ni balik rumah plak dh..

adeh2..bakal merindui kamu la..

takpe2..jauh di mata dekat di hati..cewah!
oh..dak kecik neh ade kelebihan gak tau..

die leh bace personaliti org melalui tulisan..

hehe..aku xleh la buat benda camtuh..

tau mind reading jer..kui3~

tengok lah ni...bnyaknyer gambar dak neh..

ni belom upload semua ni..just sbhagian jer..haih~

pape pun cik Ogy, toksah sedih2 lagi tau?

ceria selalu!

hope you are still the same O
gy in my past memory



cik Ogy, anda DISERGAH!

cik Ogy neh ade blog...

Nov 4, 2009

Otanjoubi Omedetou!


Ha..dah habis pasal si sengal Syairazi semalam. Hari ni sorang lagi aku nak uar-uarkan..cewah!

bersiap-siagalah kamu untuk ku sergah dalam blog ini yep...

makhluk ini bernama

Ihsan Syairazi

okeh,,bukan Syaingal yg semalam..(kau jgn perasan!)

die kawan alam maya aku..

die seorang yg baik, stakat ni..

comel jugak *wink2*

cume nk ucap,

Happy Birthday!

2 November 2009

sikit pesanan ;

nanti jgn jd cikgu yg nakal tau? jgn garang2..nanti ank murid takut nk tegur..
oh, lagi satu, jd la cikgu yg baik hati yg bg banyak homework..hehehe..


Bukan syai je kwn aku yg birthdaynye bulan November..
ade lagi..
nak senang citer biar la aku ucap sekaligus dlm entry ni yep!

Muhammad Idil (schoolmate)
3 November 2009

Nor Aziyatul Izni (ketua aras 1 C3 kt matrix dlu)
21 November 2009

Hehe..selamat hari tua semua yep!

aku? bulan depan..

coincident dgn syai..
die 2 Nov
aku 2 Dec
aku muda sebulan dri die..

Bestnye jadi org muda..!

Nov 3, 2009

Kisah Si Kuman Manje Yg Sengal...



(tedededededeng!) *sound effect xbleh bla*

diciptakan seorang insan

kejadiannya yg mempunyai sifat sengal semulajadi

serta kesengetannya yg terserlah

maka dinamakan makhluk itu Syed Syairazi

bos~sowie yep aku pinjam gamba dari blog kau...ngeh3!

setelah beberapa lama dia hidup,,

seiring dengan kemajuan teknologi serta penciptaan internet

maka terjoinlah dia ke group 1990 di dalam Friendster

lalu terjebak ke dalam sebuah organisasi underground

yg dimartabatkan namanya sebagai

Geng Kuman2 Manje

yg YDP nya dipegang oleh YDP Cik Siti Nor Effadila

Huhu..aku rase mmg patot la kau jadi naib YDP..

sesengal eppa, kau lagi sengal le!!

anyway, aku mengaku aku pun dah berjangkit

kesengalan serta kesengetan kau..

xpasal2 aku dah terjerumus ke dalam jurang

yg penuh dgn kuman2 manje yg sengal

n nama aku dh ditukar kepada kimmy-ngal

weh syaingal!

asal kau sengal sangat hah??


pastu xpasal2 aku kene haruk open facebook

sbb kuman2 sume ni dah berhijrah ke facebook

maka terhasillah profile facebook aku..

serta berterima kasihlah aku kepada si sengal ini

sebab ajar aku kat fesbuk tuh..

Wei Syaingal!!!

bace neh!

good luck in your life,,

err,, terutamanya about siti..


dun ever let her go!!

ho yeah!!

sesengal kau pun..

kau tetap member kuman aku gak...



jgn ponteng keje la weh..

kureng asam tol la kau neh..


kalo korang nak tau lebih pasal si syaingal neh..

n ntah pape tulis confession aku tuh!!!

oh lagi tentang geng kuman2 manje...klik sini

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