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"On the Day when their tongues and their hands and their legs shall bear witness against them as to what they were doing." [24: 24]

Oct 17, 2009

Oh! My Precious Hobby! ^,^

Assalamualaikum! Since the last entry, i've been dying to think of posting a new post about myself.. huh? About myself again? Fuh~it'll be boring.

Critics: Yeah,, it's always about you and your stupid hobbies. Why don't you post some entries about what happens in the world now?? Readers maybe (absolutely!) boring about all of these childish side of you.

Mrs K: Talking about*smirking* Sorede~if you already 'known' about my childish acts and hobbies, you should just keep your mouth shut and bear with my childish behaviors!!! Well, do i cares about you? This is my blog and i'll write anything i want!!!

Critics: How childish...=_='

I do have some empty time for me to do anything i like. Well, i'm always a normal person though! Ahem..*coughing* So, about my hobby, eh? Erm..the most obvious hobby that i have that maybe some of you will know is surfing! Of course~this time i always surfing. Friendster, Myspace, Fac KMNS Forum,,, Blogger, playing online games and sometimes searching for someone i know. Haha..i'm some kind of perv! Ok pardon me if i'm being so random.

Herm,, i do love anime! Hihi.. that's the childish part that all the CRITICS up there was yelling about.

Critics: Wh..? Yelling? How rude you are!

Mrs K: Ahh.. i think i should call someone here to shut your mouth up.. Sebastian!

Sebastian: Yes, My beautiful Princess. *bow*

Mrs K: Ahh..! I'm really daydreaming of having a charming guy like Sebastian be my bodyguard.*nose bleeding* Oh, maybe my lover.. Kya!!! ^^

Sebastian: Huh... having a lover like you? That'll always be my worst horrible nightmare.*devilish smile*

Mrs K: You're so cold.

Oh, do you know who is Sebastian? The Black Butler. A very handsome guy! Thihihi.. Oh well, this is the bad effect of being addicted to anime too much. But i'll make sure this craziness will end when i'm entering the class this November. I swear to myself! Ganbatte, Kimmy-chan! Ahaks~

Huh.. although i really have so much time left before flying, i still doing such stupid things and wasting much precious times. Knowing that then, i should find some medical books and study...oh actually i do have two medical books, but it is oka-sama's old books when she was training for nursing, 35 years ago! Haha.. oka-sama always good at keeping important things ^^.
But then, when i start to read those books, my eyes start to turn sleepy. It's not like when i'm reading my-oh-so-many comics collection!!! Kyaa!! Thihihi...should change that habit also! Ganbatte!

Ah, i've ran from the topic again! = ='

I also like driving and strolling (huh, betul ke perkataan nie?) to the city. Like in Kuala Terengganu, i always go to the beaches. Well, i love to be at the beach. Then, i also like to play bowling and watching movies at cinema (Oh, i only do this outside Terengganu because there is NO cinema here...kind of sad,huh?).

Oh, i really, really loves anime! Haha.. i don't know until when did my addiction to anime will end. ^,^ Hehe..

There is something that i 'll not tell about my-not-so-secret hobby in this entry. Hmm, maybe i'll make an entry about it. I don't promise it! Hehe.. till then, see you later!


heijihatsutori said...

Hahaha!! Sebastien: My beautiful princess...I can sooooooo imagine this!! ^^

Kimmy said...


really fall in love with Sebastian..


but, Kuran Kaname also a damn handsome one..



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