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Oct 21, 2009

Am I Understand What Love Is?



Any of this entry is from the writer's own ideas and some maybe from other persons' ideas.

Assalamualaikum! Hi everybody! How are you today? May Allah Bless you. ^^ While i'm taking my bath just now (is it necessary to tell this?? =.=!), i've been thinking about posting this entry. Haha..well, bathroom is the only place where my mind will have some peace and get some wonderful ideas. Ahaks~

Do i understand what love is? Oh, this question was actually for you all the readers! But, i'm kinda like to have a catchy title so, gomenasai (it means 'sorry') if you think that you were being cheated by the title. Haha! So, do answer it with your own idea ^^. What love really is? Is it only created for a relationship between man and woman?

Love is in the air. I often heard it. Love is widely open. We all live in God's Love. We all die because God Loves us the Most. Love is not only created just for human especially between man and woman. Love to your parents, your family, your friends, your wife, your husband, your children, your soul mate, even yourself. If you wants to love somebody, love yourself first.

Besides, some of you also loves animals, natures, your own belongings, and the Earth. It is normal for a human to love something. It is a special gift from our God. We should appreciate it by taking care of what we loved.

But, in this world nowadays, i've seen many people are not thankful for the gift. The gift of love. Or to be more precise, lost of the 'brain'. People who has a brain, but did not use it in a right way. Betrays their own love. Destroys anything that they had loved before. Mostly people that did not love themselves. Destroys their own life. There are so many things that will make people loss their dignity as a human.

You will never know what love really is, until you have truly loved...
And you will never know what pain really is, until you have lost it...

Ah, whatever it is, love yourself before you love somebody. And when you already love someone, be faithful and take care of your love ones. Also, when you love somebody, don't hesitate to let them know that you love them. Although you may show your love by actions, but for saying that you love them by words, is the most joyful moments for them. Words of love will create a great feelings for that person. But, for me, i still didn't have a strength to say those words to my beloved ones. Even do, i still want you to do this to your loved ones.

I love you
Ai shi teru
Te amo
Sayang kamu
Tumse pyar karte hu
Wo ai ni

This is some examples of quotes of love. There is other words that are kind of "hidden" meaning. This depends on yourself. You may use other words rather than 'Love' itself.

I am really pity of myself for not having the strength to express love by words to my loved ones even to oka-san. x_x

P/S : Love yourself before you love somebody.


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