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"On the Day when their tongues and their hands and their legs shall bear witness against them as to what they were doing." [24: 24]

May 28, 2009

Me,Myself & I

Ok..let me introduce myself..
my name is Nur 'Athifah bt Jusoh @ Mohd Zaki..born on 2 December 1990..i'm the youngest sister of 4 siblings..
This is my whole family...
i started at TBK Kemas Ladang..then up to SK Gong,SMKA Sheikh Abdul Malek(SHAMS)..n my latest edu is at Negeri Sembilan Matriculation College (KMNS)...
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I'm just an ordinary person who really loves to enjoy my TEENAGES!!!

This is what i love to do...
Anything more?
Do ask me k?
Any update will be following soon!!!


Anonymous said...

nice post! cam nk mkn je bola bowling tu.. tu drive ke or saje2 posing:)klu jpj tengk x lulus nie :) btw nice post!

ASaDa RyutaRo said...

sengih-sengih membaca post ni..

time ni masih pemes frenster ngn myspace kot, tu yg bg email page tu. hahaha..

salam kenal ;P

**gambar ngn bowling, dah kalah lawan asada.. lalala~

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